Google taking over the world?

Have you ever watched the move resident evil with the company umbrella corp that basically runs the world? well i think Google has the potential to become the umbrella corp of the real world… not in a bad way but it is becoming that cross-platform, multinational, company owning many other companies. i think that Google will invade every software market and ultimately become the primary computer software and hardware giant. Buying youtube, launching Google apps and capturing the hearts of millions of computer/internet users is just the tip of the iceberg…the beginning of a saga. Here is a list of
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Video Playlist Links

As wordpress does not allow youtube playlists to be embedded, i have provided a link below to watch any video playlists i may have. Enjoy! Election Debates-Portia Vs Bruce (ID 1962)

How does that affect the price of water anywhere?

Regardless of where you are from, everybody complains about the price of gasoline and the rate at which the price is increasing. I find that rather strange, not everybody in the world use it everyday, its a non renewable resource (ie it will run out eventually), there is an extremely complicated process to refine it from crude oil to get the various fractions we need (jet fuel, gasoline etc all come from the same source), the war in iraq has left one of the major sources of crude oil supplying haphazardly and because of its detrimental effect on the environment
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The Church as an institution is it a sham?

If the Bible is the divine truth why are there so many denominations with each one claiming the other is wrong. That means that all of them are wrong. And one of the oldest churches the Roman Catholics killed millions in the name of God (the crusades)…who would want to worship a God who kills people because they worship others… surely not mine. if thats not him them the entire church must be a sham…doing things wrongfully in the name of God and making money off people… one of the richest cities in the world is the Vatican city. wanna
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