Create Facebook Chat App for Mac OSX

After being disappointed time and time again with less than great facebook chat clients available for mac computers I decided to do some digging. Lo and behold Fluid comes to the rescue once again. Fluid lets you create a Real Mac App (or “Fluid App”) out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into OS X desktop apps. To make your Facebook Chat app follow the following steps: Download Fluid and install. Open Fluid and set the fields to the following: URL: Name: Use any name you like. In this case I used “Facebook Chat”
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Hide Menu Bar when in Full Screen Youtube Video in Mavericks

Whenever I watch YouTube videos now in fullscreen (using Mavericks & Chrome), the menu bar and dock still show over the video. The best solution I can come up with thus far is to enable full screen via the Chrome Browser. Google Chrome gives you the ability to view Web pages in full screen mode, hiding all elements other than the main browser window itself. This includes tabs, toolbars, bookmarks bars, and the download/status bar. Full screen mode can be toggled on and off in just a few easy steps. First, open your Google Chrome browser. To enter into Chromes
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Watch Youtube Videos Fullscreen with Dual Monitors on Mac OSX

HTML5 Youtube Full Screen in Mac is becoming Mac OSX Full Screen and literally makes secondary monitor unusable. To circumvent this install YouTube Options for Chrome and go to advanced options and under the heading Playback select Flash as the video codec. This will allow you to use your second monitor while using youtube fullscreen. This will work with other web video players with the same issue.

Quickly add Instagram Hashtags to Photo

So you’re trying to get more likes on your Instagram photo but the tediousness of typing out all those hashtags is getting to you. Sadly, Instagram does not offer tag clouds/bundles which would make life much easier for us. If your posts are set to public, you can add tags to your photos and videos that will make them visible on public tag pages. One quick way to add hashtags is to use your iPhone’s Keyboard Shortcuts. Step 1 Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts Step 2 Add a new shortcut by tapping the ‘+’ in the top right
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7 Free Cloud Storage Options

With all the public cloud storage offerings on the market today, many vendors just want customers to sign up for their services. So, in return for a new account, many offer free cloud storage. Using the following 7 public cloud storage options, you could theoretically get 124GB of free cloud storage. A great idea is to use them all to create an organised online backup system that’s completely free. The concept is pretty simple: sign up for as many free cloud storage accounts as you need and utilize each one to back up different kinds of files. Name: Dropbox Free cloud storage: 2GB Extra storage: “Pro”
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