Is Time Travel possible?

Almost everyone believes that time traveling is only for science-fiction movies. But do we really know if time travel is possible? If you ask an average joe on the street, they will think you are crazy, well most of them. However there are still some people who believe that time travel is possible. If you ask the guys with the brains, then they will have a neutral answer. Why? Because time travel is one of the mysteries which science isn’t able to solve, yet. According to some scientists, worm holes and black holes present in  space could hold an answer
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100% Jamaican

Here are some interesting facts about my island homeland, Jamaica, that you may not have known but will indeed find interesting. Jamaica has the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world. Source-Guinness Book of World Records. Over 1,600 “churches” all over Jamaica . That number is growing. Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States ! This was only 18 years after Britain ! Jamaica is the first Caribbean Country to gain Independence . Jamaica is the first team from the English-speaking  Caribbean  to qualify for
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Places to visit before I die

These are places that i have always been fascinated with and i hope to visit all of them before i die. 1. Japan The home of anime, cosplay, girls in cute uniforms and of course the tech center of the world! Japan is definitely on the top of my list. I may not know Japanese but armed with my pocket translator and my rudimentary sign language, Ill be sure to get around just fine. Top things to do: 1. Eat ONLY Japanese food 2. Ride on the Shinkansen (Japanese high speed railway system) 3. Visit the most famous temples in
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