How to make a Stumbleupon button in Google Chrome

So you just found out about Google Chrome and you’re praising the internet gods for bringing you this browser to rescue from the perils of IE and Firefox. But then you found out about Chrome’s achilles heel, no Stumbleupon toolbar addon! I was just faced with this problem and i found a nice and easy work around. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the web version of the stumbleupon toolbar by typing in the address in the address bar


Step 2: Log in with your stumbleupon username and password

Step 3: Click the star beside the address to bring up the bookbarks menu


Be sure to remove everything in the address bar AFTER eveything there

Step4: Rename the boomark “Stumble!”

Step 4: Select the folder “Bookmarks bar” and hit “close”

And thats it! now you have your very own stumble! button for Google Chrome

final-bookmarks bar

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  1. while Chrome is good it is not better from firefox 😛 IE8 is actually kinda decentish too. Without the addons chrome will be lagging behind

  2. Yes i still use firefox due to its expandability (themes and addons) but hands down chrome beats both IE and firefox for me with usabilty and performance. For generally internet and browsing use i go for chrome but when i need some special tasks accomplished i use firefox. but thats a rarity. Chrome is still a baby and it has started out good so i hope it keeps going as it is and eventually catch up to firefox’s expandability

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