Double Standards

A double standard that i find interesting in life is the fact that men who sleep around (that is, have sex with many girls) get ratings for it while girls who do the same are termed as whores, sluts and all the other derogatory terms. now my view on the whole thing: i think its CRAP. I don’t think in this case, what goes for the guy shouldn’t go for the girl. i think the girl should have sex with anyone she wants without suffering verbal repercussions. So a guy shouldn’t be looking a girl and she is there saying
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Curriculum Vitae

Lest anyone suspect that my standards for women are too high, let me allay those fears by enumerating in advance my four criteria for the match. First, the potential girlfriend/fwb must be approximately my age—let’s say 21 plus or minus three or four years. Second, the girl must be beautiful (and I use that term all-encompassingly to refer to both inner and outer beauty). Third, she must also be reasonably intelligent—she doesn’t have to be Mensa material, but the ability to carry on a witty, insightful argument would be nice. And finally she must not be too emotionally stricken that
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The Math of Women-Womenomatics

I found this equation online and let me just say….genius! Lets address the first issue…i think girls are wonderful, cant live without them but that does not make the equation wrong….they are still evil. If you plug men into this equation it would not work, men do not need time or money, that just takes us out of the equation right there. Any comments? this equation is flawless…lol

Joe Grind

Tracy was a girl Joe Grind new for ages…. he grew up seeing her flaunt her broad hips, shapely legs and perky breasts as she walked through her front door everyday. She was about 3 years older than him and the only relationship they ever had were the fact that they were neighbors. Joe Grind finally arrived at FU university ready to share every one of his sexual talents with a female counterpart. His first mission was to check out one of the raves that the dorms put on and hopefully meet the girl that will bring him satisfaction beyond
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