The Stranger

“Clean-up on isle three”, the young store clerk announced over the intercom. “another hyperactive kid” Nicole thought to herself as she bent down for the paper towel, revealing the firm shapely legs that seemed to continue forever under the tight red cotton plaid skirt she had decided to wear to work that day. Nicole visit that night to her neighborhood supermarket was not unusual as she made that trip once a week to restock her household supplies. She reached up to the top shelf to grab a pack of those elusive butter pecan cookies that melted on her tongue giving
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21st Century Prostitution

Gone are the days when trading sex for money was a sordid affair. When women had pimps who served as both bodyguards and accountants. Gone are the days when the art of prostitution was simple in concept where you knew where you stood in the scheme of things and you could name your price upfront. Now it seems there is another shade to that gray area, a brighter more appealing ‘legally’ and socially accepted route. It’s a fine tuned blend of the taboo mixed with the traditional creating the ultimate hybrid. I wish i could give this new arm of
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FWB vs Phuck Buddies vs Relationship PT II

Sadly there is no easy/simple answer as to when you should attempt these ‘relationships’ as many factors come into play that will affect the need. Some are:

Personal Belief
Many people will not even consider a friends with benefits (fwb) or phuck buddy (pb) situation due to life choices, upbringing, values, maturity level, religion and a host of other inhibitions. Many people fail to understand that and as a result one person expects something out of the ‘relationship’ while the other doesn’t because the lines were not made completely clear and explicitly said or boundaries became clouded due to mind numbing totally orgasmic sex.

Sex Sells

Is it just me or have you realized that most slogans today are sexually connotative. Maybe its just me but whatever. We all know that sex sells but these people are taking it too far, creating these messages to subliminally implant a sex image in our heads to get us to buy their products.., sick i tell you sick. So to help them in with their cause here is my list of sex based slogans and taglines that have subliminally taken over the sex drive: Do you have the bunny inside?- Energizer He keeps going and going and going.-Energizer Live
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Friends With Benefits vs Phuck Buddies vs Relationship

Whats the difference between the three? well a friend with benefits (fwb) is a guy or girl thats your friend, y’all do the friends stuff ie hang out, chill, socialize, go to the movies with other friends, talk about potential significant others but the fundamental difference between a regular friend and a fwb is that you have some form of sexual relations. No that doesn’t make what you have a relationship because you are not emotionally attached the way couples are. A Phuck Buddy is a guy/girl who you have sexual relations with but you each have your own friend
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