The Last Question by Isaac Asimov © 1956

  This a VERY good story, please read in its entirety and DONT jump to the end (trust me), this is really good C.R.A.P. =========================================== The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, and it happened this way:

Are the Children getting the money?

Lets start this post with a video to get everyone in the right frame of mind. [youtube=]   Here are the key phrases: For years we have been taking you to places like this showing you the heartbreak. We know you thought about it, put it on a nice to do list but never got around to doing it. And its not like you’ll feel bad by doing it, you’ll feel great for sponsoring a kid, everyday after you get up. So why not now. Pure Genius! These guys are masters of the game. The Global Warming Activists have nothing
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Friends With Benefits vs Phuck Buddies vs Relationship

Whats the difference between the three? well a friend with benefits (fwb) is a guy or girl thats your friend, y’all do the friends stuff ie hang out, chill, socialize, go to the movies with other friends, talk about potential significant others but the fundamental difference between a regular friend and a fwb is that you have some form of sexual relations. No that doesn’t make what you have a relationship because you are not emotionally attached the way couples are. A Phuck Buddy is a guy/girl who you have sexual relations with but you each have your own friend
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Things other people rant about pt1

Big up to my friend Kurupt for sharing this piece: “Yeah so i’m tired (tired of what?), I’m tired of hearing men go on and on about women want? they’re complicated, never say what they want or what they mean. I mean come on, really!, a woman always knows what she wants, U just don’t listen (yes yes i’m sure u guys hear that a lot), but duh, i mean characteristics that men claim annoys them about a woman is that they talk 2 much, they always want to talk about their feelings blah blah blah…well WTF dats when we
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Got Weed?

So i went around asking all the people i know who smoke weed, as many questions as i could about their experience(s). Before i get into that though let me just say: Smoking kills! But then so does: Driving and a drunk guy smashes into you Going to the wrong place at the wrong time Too much coffee (coffee is mildly carcinogenic) Committing suicide (you never know when you might feel the urge) Sex A disgruntled boyfriend or girlfriend Choking on roast beef Sunstroke A meteorite Worried about brain cells and activity? alcohol does waaay more damage, once again i
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