So taking a detour from my writing routine of one post per day, i had to come and share this interesting experience on the way home from work. So on with the story: I just jumped into a taxi (and a Jamaican taxi is like a bus that carries only 4-5 complete strangers and the taxi can be any type of car but mainly Toyota’s) and took a seat behind the driver who was busy eyeing a girl as she was sitting down in the passenger seat. Now its not anything new but in this case the taxi man’s eye
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Sooo what do you say, another round of college?

You go to school and if you are fortunate you go to college. By the time you are finished most of what you learnt becomes obsolete. The job you want you are not qualified for mainly because when you were at school the job didn’t exist, and hence, you didn’t need to learn about it ,and the the job you have has evolved so much you need to go back to school. A friend of my Father’s, a 40+ year old man was in a job for 15 years, recently they sent him back to school to catch up. People
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Got Otaku?

According to Seth Godin in the book Purple Cow, Otaku is something thats more than a hobby but little less than an Obsession. Its a Japanese word that has found its way into the English vocabulary, pretty soon it’ll be in all those major dictionary’s, it’ll be like the Nintendo and Karaoke that we have now come to know, anyways, i digress. I wake up come to work and i come online, its a part of my job but when i do its not because i have to, its because i want to, not to check my mail, or sign
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The power of the “V”

No im not talking about the Vagina im talking about the “V” Speech from the movie V for Vendetta. Now i don’t know about anybody else but i had no clue there were so many V words not to mention being able to put them in one paragraph that LOOKS like it could make some sense. If you don’t know which V speech I’m talking about here it is:

Architects, Laywers and Prostitutes

I read this on Jamila’s blog and i just had to post about it: Whenever you see the word ‘Client’ in something to do with building, you know there just has to be an architect involved because no one else in the building game ever refers to anyone as ‘clients’. It is such a strange word, isn’t it? In a shop you are a customer, on a train you are a passenger, in a hospital you are a patient, in a class you are a student, in the economy at large you’d be a consumer. But client? The only people
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