Architects, Laywers and Prostitutes

I read this on Jamila’s blog and i just had to post about it: Whenever you see the word ‘Client’ in something to do with building, you know there just has to be an architect involved because no one else in the building game ever refers to anyone as ‘clients’. It is such a strange word, isn’t it? In a shop you are a customer, on a train you are a passenger, in a hospital you are a patient, in a class you are a student, in the economy at large you’d be a consumer. But client? The only people
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The magic of FREE

Have you ever noticed the magic of the word “free”? I don’t know about you but just the mere whisper of it on the wind and my ears perk up and my head swings in the direction i heard it. I think the word free is one of the top ten words recognized and used worldwide regardless of language, race or culture. Trust me use the word, your conversations will seem more interesting, and all of a sudden you’ll be the center of attention. You could be talking about crap but just the mention of “Free” and someone just may
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The Math of Women-Womenomatics

I found this equation online and let me just say….genius! Lets address the first issue…i think girls are wonderful, cant live without them but that does not make the equation wrong….they are still evil. If you plug men into this equation it would not work, men do not need time or money, that just takes us out of the equation right there. Any comments? this equation is flawless…lol