Female Porn

During my daily morning stumble i came across a rather interesting set of pictures, according to them female porn is totally non-sexual in nature and is mostly things that they wish that men would do….you know what see for yourself:

Believe Nothing

  Hmmm thats absolute crap….apparently buddah didn’t come to Jamaica. Do you want to know what real ignorance is? come to Jamaica.

Internet Lingo on the mind?

Very funny but true, the object of this post came up in a discussion yesterday with a friend of mine (who wishes to remain nameless) and after a little research i realized how many people are afflicted with this…problem. During the very heated discussion, a joke was cracked and my friend began to laugh uncontrollably and the after a few seconds, without notice, silence fell and she said to me “you know, i am here laughing and all that’s going through my head is ‘lol’ and ‘dwl’”. I thought about what she had just said and i realized what she
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Are the Children getting the money?

Lets start this post with a video to get everyone in the right frame of mind. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_aRUUdEFRY]   Here are the key phrases: For years we have been taking you to places like this showing you the heartbreak. We know you thought about it, put it on a nice to do list but never got around to doing it. And its not like you’ll feel bad by doing it, you’ll feel great for sponsoring a kid, everyday after you get up. So why not now. Pure Genius! These guys are masters of the game. The Global Warming Activists have nothing
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