Things other people rant about pt1

Big up to my friend Kurupt for sharing this piece: “Yeah so i’m tired (tired of what?), I’m tired of hearing men go on and on about women want? they’re complicated, never say what they want or what they mean. I mean come on, really!, a woman always knows what she wants, U just don’t listen (yes yes i’m sure u guys hear that a lot), but duh, i mean characteristics that men claim annoys them about a woman is that they talk 2 much, they always want to talk about their feelings blah blah blah…well WTF dats when we
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Got Weed?

So i went around asking all the people i know who smoke weed, as many questions as i could about their experience(s). Before i get into that though let me just say: Smoking kills! But then so does: Driving and a drunk guy smashes into you Going to the wrong place at the wrong time Too much coffee (coffee is mildly carcinogenic) Committing suicide (you never know when you might feel the urge) Sex A disgruntled boyfriend or girlfriend Choking on roast beef Sunstroke A meteorite Worried about brain cells and activity? alcohol does waaay more damage, once again i
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Nonconformists actually conforming?

Thanks to RoXanStone for pointing this picture out to me. Was gonna write about this but why bother it says it all. (click on image for larger version) If you wanna be a non-conformist try some of these stuff: Walk around naked: who does that? you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood and possibly your city who does that. Create a new language like gypsy or pig latin: kjaksdn lnnajdn lkjanclan lkhbkjh kljnlkjn lkjnkjn kjnkj jnl lnl TRANSLATION: “Phuck the language of the slave masters and oppressors, if you wanna talk to me, talk in my language.” Turn white
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Global Warming, a Money Making Scheme?

I think that when some of these Global Warming Activists see a iceberg break off from an ice shelf due to global warming, they don’t see that that’s the result of years of us burning fossil fuels, I think what they see is green. No, not the green signifying the change in the environment that they want, not the lush vegetation and green pastures that we are destroying, nooo i think they see the green of cold… hard… cash. They see money breaking off and floating by with no one trying to reel it in, that’s where they come in.
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Weed Me

If i was to give up my secular life and decide to be all conscious and what not, grow dreadlocks, eat ital foods i.e. no pork, beef or any type of meat, listen to reggae all day long and give thanks to Jah…oh how could i forget…and smoke weed (pot, herb, skunk, reefer, spliff, marijuana) this is what i would look like. Don’t drink and drive, smoke weed and fly.