Lost: The End

After watching the finale of lost, I realized that not everything is to be read at face value and some things will never have an answer. The writers had a basic storyline but to keep us guessing they sometimes went off on a unexplainable tangent to throw us off course, giving us paths that will just end up at a dead end. With that said its or duty as dedicated lost enthusiasts to find that main road and forget those turn offs that cause nothing but confusion.

Now that we know that in the end they are all dead the main question is were they all dead from the beginning in the plane crash  or did they eventually live out their lives as they should. I strongly believe that they all died at different times, some during the shows time line and others in some distant future. Whoever you saw die in the show they without a doubt died then and there. For example Locke died when Benjamin killed him in the motel room.

The island is an island, a mass of land in a body of water. The others lived there, the Dharma Initiative came to do their experiments and the plane crashed. Some people died immediately others survived and went on the do the show for 6 seasons.

But the plane crash made the island special for the survivors and a choice few other people (others including Ben and Desmond). The experiences and the bonds formed on the island made it an anchor for them, a central memory of the people that made the biggest impact in their lives. The story follows Jack, A spinal surgeon with many personal demons who went to Australia to brings his fathers body back home. On the way back a series of events caused his plane to crash on the island. a first glance the island seems like any other island, but the island has its own demons as well. A smoke monster, a guardian, time traveling properties, the others, a past civilization (The Darmha Initiative) and a mysterious statue. All this happened, all this was real in the world of lost,right up to Jack closing his eyes in the end was Jacks actual reality. When time went sideways THAT was Jacks ever after, his afterlife so to speak.

Upon dying Jacks life flashed in a new direction where the plane didn’t crash, he went home to a different, better reality where he married Juliet and had a kid, I guess its the life he thought he wanted. Eventually as the other survivors died they all the met Jack in his afterlife to make him remember and show him his way home.

So how do we know they didn’t die at the same time? Lets look at a few choice deaths:

Juliet: She died during the detonation of the hydrogen bomb. Not by the bomb itself but by falling into that very deep hole.

Locke: He died when Benjamin strangled him to death

Sayid: In a heroic feat, he saved the others by running off into a separate compartment as the bomb the other Locke planted exploded

Jin & Sun: They died together on the submarine after the explosion

Charlie: He died at the looking glass station

Now you might be wondering what happened to the others. Well they all went on to live their lives:

Claire, Richard Alpert, Sawyer, Kate, Frank & Miles: They all were on that plane that took off in the last episode. I would assume they all made it back home and lived their lives as they should. They probably all lived to a ripe old age had children and grandchildren.

Hugo & Ben: They probably lived for centuries protecting the island and Hugo probably chose a new successor before he died.

The final scene in the church when Jack realized that he was dead, those people are the ones that meant something to Jack. They chose to be there to help him ‘crossover’. Ben was outside because he was not ready yet, he still had his own personal demons that he was not ready to let go. But where did Millie, Penny and the other secondary cast come in? They are constants to the other main survivors, Millie to Hugo and Penny to Desmond.

So why do they seem to all arrive at the same time and the same age? This is how Jack remembered them, remember the only memory he has of them is what he knew from the island and from the oceanic 6 time back to the real world. And I would assume that time and space has no value in the afterlife. One meeting could have taken 25 years and to Jack it seemed like only minutes.

In the end they all got their happy ending, wrongs were righted, love that was lost was found again and they were all back together again. As for other mysteries such as the light and whats the purpose of the Island, I think some things are not meant to be explained and its for us to just accept that things happened without a reason, miracles do happen, and if it had an explanation then it wouldn’t be a miracle now would it?

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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