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Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social networking sites available and most of the social networking enthusiasts will have a profile on both for sure. Despite being on both, every user always prefer one site over the other. And this is because of the fact that there are many notable differences between them. We will take a closer look at a few here.


Facebook is well known for its wide variety of unique user friendly applications, which are being designed on a regular basis to assist with professional networking that is taking place on the site. For instance, “Click-to-call” is a widget available on Facebook through which you can contact your friends via voice. But MySpace is void of such widgets. If your interest is experiencing cutting edge social applications then obviously Facebook is your home.


Despite Facebook having a lot of Applications in its kitty, it doesn’t offer user creativity though fancy page designs. Here most of the pages follow one standard streamlined design and you cannot do much to make it look unique. On the contrary, MySpace offers a wide variety of page designs and so you can alter your profile frequently to make it look unique. And people interested in showing off their creativity always zone in on MySpace.


You won’t face the problem of spamming on Facebook whereas it is regular thing that happens on MySpace. Online advertisers often hack the profiles on MySpace and will create online propaganda about their new product/service which will create a big headache. If you think you don’t need such spam, then Facebook is the right spot for you.

News updates

MySpace doesn’t get too much negative news attention despite of the spam issue. The only part where it gets a bad review is that, MySpace poses a huge risk to underage users on the site. And most of the users don’t find this as a serious issue presuming that common sense needs to be used on the site.

On the contrary, Facebook has been hit with negative publicity recently. This is because of the change in the rules of advertising on the site and so; many found that their shopping preferences were being publicized without their knowledge which made them feel that their privacy was violated.


On the whole, the site that you prefer highly depends only on you. In addition to the above discussed sites, there are more other social networking sites available like Orkut, Linked In etc., Each of these offer their own niche like Orkut is for every individual and Linked In is designed specifically for the professionals. Just be clear with your need prior getting into the networking sites, if you want to get on with the latest trend then you will have flitter from sites to sites. Rather if you want to develop relationships, then find the one that suites you well and start getting to know people!

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