Things other people rant about pt1

Big up to my friend Kurupt for sharing this piece:

“Yeah so i’m tired (tired of what?), I’m tired of hearing men go on and on about women want? they’re complicated, never say what they want or what they mean. I mean come on, really!, a woman always knows what she wants, U just don’t listen (yes yes i’m sure u guys hear that a lot), but duh, i mean characteristics that men claim annoys them about a woman is that they talk 2 much, they always want to talk about their feelings blah blah blah…well WTF dats when we tellin u what we want but if ur too busy rolling ur eyes, ignoring us or trying to seduce us to avoid our talkin then how then do u expect to please us? Then when u get sumn wrong n bring on our wrath u have a problem with that too. Come on u can’t have ur cake n eat it 2.


And u know why u get da yes when we mean no thing? Its jus like if one of ur frens come up to u n say “yow dude u think if i jump off a 50 storey building i’d die?”, Come on, what do u tell a dumb ass person like dat? ” yeah u’d so totally live” now i’m sure he’s not dumb enuff to not recognize that his stupid self shud not have asked that question much less be dumb enuff to attempt that feat. Now if u know u have a date with ur girl n ur frenz ask just minutes before u have to leave with her n u dumb enuff to then say “babe can i go out with da guys tonite?” after she’s anticipating going out, I mean wtf kind of answer u expect to hear “no baby don’t go pleez i need u” or “sure go ahead” but if u dumb enuff to listen to her when u hear da latter den don’t be vex when u get da reprocussions simple.

U know what u guys want? u want to do what ever u feel like n then get praises for it but hush sweeties life doesn’t work like that. I mean, say i always eat m&m’s with almonds all day everyday n I say hon go to da store n get da m&m’s I always eat, u know, da ones with da nuts, n u come back with hershey’s milk chocolate, wtf?, den act like i’m supposed to be grateful cuz u went in da first place. No negroe! it don’t work like dat we cud all be happy had u listened ( dis applies to bigger issues too), now u’ve forced me to go for da big gunz n with hold sex cuz u piss me off, come on nobody wants that. It hurts us more than it does u ( well maybe not really) but it’s annoying.

All i’m sayin is if men wud stop being so self-centered n stupid they’d have less problems with women right? dont do crap n expect to be treated like kings, i mean, wtf?”

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. RoXanStone

    hahaha *rollin on the ground, holdin ma belly, laughin uncontrollably*… this is soo true. i ‘ve always believed that women arent as complex as men make us out to be…they just dont c past their noses, its all abt them….so yea my girl (even tho is Shonari’s blog) dem need a proper cuss out for the F*rey they expect us to put up with WTF?!?!?!?!? (still laughing)

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