The subconcious pen thief

We all have subconscious actions, things we do without thinking about it. Just being in a certain situation or experiencing a specific event can trigger a subconscious reaction. These changes can be physical or mental, for example, when you are nervous you may start chewing your nails. This is a physical reaction to nervousness, no one thought triggers this reaction but it happens nonetheless.

The same thing occurs when we ‘steal’ a pen. We borrow a pen and we subconsciously retain it for ourselves. What triggers that response? No one really knows, maybe the pen is the simplest object a person can steal or take for themselves without creating a negative response by the owner. I find myself using a friends pen and before I know it the pen ends up in my pocket. The same thing has happened with anyone who borrows my pen. Its a strange phenomenon that I hope someone can explain to me. Maybe we all want to subconsciously steal something. Not in a kleptomaniac sort of way, but to appease that primal desire to make our lives better by any means necessary. Throughout history man has grown through taking the belongings of others, whether or not you want to call it theft, conquest, inheritance, a loan or even credit. Each of these things gives us something that wasn’t ours in the first place, whether legally or illegally.

A pen, is easily concealable, easily forgotten, yet it has as much significance as any important object in our lives. Without one in our pocket we subconsciously desire the need for one and end up taking it without thinking about it. Its not a strong enough desire to remove it from a desk or a drawer but it draws an immediate and situational response, such as borrowing it from a a friend to jot down something important. The importance is thus made immediately clear and we subconsciously take action to fill that need. That doesn’t stop the owner from noticing the same importance of the pen, they may have a dozen other more expensive pens but the necessity of that pen triggers the obvious response to your subconscious theft…They want their pen pack.

Note: Please substitute ‘pen’ for any other object you may subconsciously want to pilfer. For example pencils & lighters

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