The problem with women

“It doesn’t matter ladies what your perfect man is like. If he was right in front of you, you wouldn’t notice him because you’re looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong places”

Matthew Maharaj

Here are a few problems i have with women to say that they are the only ones.

  1. One minute you say something but you mean something else: we are neither mind readers nor are we clairvoyant, to say something and when we act accordingly we hear thats not what you meant, if problems are caused by our actions is because of the wrong/misleading information we receive (most of the time)
  2. Don’t use sex as leverage: If you’re upset with us or you don’t get what you want sometimes you get stingy with the coochie. Don’t do that, the only person you’re gonna hurt is yourself. If you hold out for the wrong reason, we’re gonna look somewhere else… then y’all gonna say oh we’re wicked and what not…one good turn deserves another.
  3. Women always term themselves a being independent…yet if the dude dont drive or have money etc. y’all dont want him…how about this, look at yourself and assess…do u have a car? do u have money? can you carry out a guy on a date and pay for everything…whatever conclusion you come to, start there when looking for a man, thats real independence. im not saying that you shud take out the guy you know, im just saying if u want full independence whatever a guy does for/to u, you should be able to reciprocate in theory.
  4. Y’all take too damn long to get ready: lets brake down the steps:
    • Take a shower 15mins (that’s more than enough, guys have more parts and we don’t take that long)
    • Lotion and fix hair (not a bad hair day) 15 mins: come on its not rocket science to style hair seeing that yall stick to one hairstyle if you don’t go to a hairdresser.
    • Put on clothes 5mins: pick one suit and stick to it. guys don’t remember what you wear so don’t worry, we don’t meet and discuss what this girl had on etc. i doubt that i have EVER talked about what a girl had on its either sexy or nuttin at all.
    • Now lets minus 10 minutes…so you only need… 25 mins to get ready no more than that.

5. Past arguments don’t need to be brought back up way into the future, we still remember no need to reiterate, reminisce or bring back up. We got it the first time…if a guy ignores you during an argument this is one of the reasons.

6. Stop trying to change us. As i keep saying if you meet a guy and it something missing, trust me its gonna stay missing so its best to just move on….trying to change guys never works that just bring pain and misery. Just try and find the ‘best fit’ and work with that.

7. Guys first and foremost just want sex…no matter how deep and how savvy a guy is first and foremost sex… its not that we treat you as slabs of meat its just facts…so don’t treat guys more complicated that how they are…we are not complicated..not to say we aren’t complex. how is this a problem with women…simple, don’t over analyze a situation with us.


8. Please don’t act as if you don’t want sex too…it may not be the first thing you want…but don’t put it on a pedestal.

9. Men don’t talk much (full stop) don’t think we are only doing it to you as an individual we just don’t talk as much as you want us to…its innate so don’t argue about it, there are some thing you just wont change…just live with it as best you can.

10. Don’t give ultimatums…thats just stupid.

11. Don’t assume so much, give us the benefit of the doubt…as the old saying goes “the truth must come to light.”

12. Stop creating an argument when one is not needed. An all night argument over which girl we were staring on for too long…come ooon.
13. Silent treatment dont work…we love it!

14. Stop think about what others think…you waste precious time doing that… do what u feel like doing…don’t make us have to spend however long trying to convince you and in the end u still do it no matter how much you arguing against it. jeez thats annoying (not talking about sex)


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Kurupt

    I c u were so “upset” about these “problems” u forgot to read over ur very very fallacious piece (yeah that’s right I said fallacious i know words) n edit it, but oh well I guess being attentive is not a characteristic I should expect from a man huh?.
    U know what let me express everything wrong with this piece one by one n end this thing once and for all:
    1. PAY ATTENTION!! if u did that then u’d know what we mean when we mean it therefore able to react likewise.
    2. Sex isn’t used as a leverage per se Duh if we are upset then why do u guys feel we would want to have sex? If we don’t get what we want that makes us what?…upset right…I mean when anybody doesn’t get what they want they’re upset right?…n if we’re upset that means we really don’t want the person we’re upset with all over us. It’s not a woman thing it’s a human thing.
    3. Women are independent I mean we were alive n well before we met u right? Everybody is progressive right? everybody wants to move forward n b better n in life u don’t get something for nothing. So men why do u feel we shouldn’t aim for the highest? now i’m sure there are girls out there that don’t care about cars and all that but thats not the type of women u guys want obviously thats why u have that problem. Why is it that a poor old man can’t have n wudn’t want a 20 year old girlfriend but a rich old man can? ( becus he wants arm candy n u have to pay for candy right??) n why do men strive to b rich? isn’t one of the reasons to get the type of girl that needs material things? Don’t complain about it if that’s what u guys look for.
    4. If we take too long to get ready don’t complain because i’m sure you don’t mind when U and ur girl r out in public and every man is jealous of you because your girl’s hot. You can’t have your cake and eat it too..U want us to look good or not?
    5. Past arguments are brought back up either because they were not resolved or because no matter how many times we talk u men keep making the same mistakes over and over and over why? becuz u never listened in da first place or PAID ATTENTION!! so don’t use that as an excuse for why we are ignored, we’re ignored becuz u guys r self centered n never want to b corrected.
    6. Nobody is tryin to change u.. we just want what u promised us. I mean when a guy is trying to get into a girl’s pants they are everything that girl has wanted in a man until they get what they want n get comfortable…we’re not tryin to change u we just want back the person we first met u lyin bastards! lol
    7. We’re not stupid we know guys only want sex…U r da ones who spend a whole lotta time tryin to convince us otherwise.
    8. No we don’t act like we don’t want sex too we just don’t walk around acting like that’s the only thing important in the world…n we don’t have to lie n cheat to get it….nor do we let our need for it affect our thought process (sounds like sumbody u know?)
    9. Yes we know u don’t talk much I mean if sumbody doesn’t think about much, or anything for that matter, why’d we expect them to talk much?
    10. Ultimatums are just made to let you know the page we are on, don’ think we haven’t thought about it and aren’t ready for whatever choices u make. The point of the ultimatum is to say well this is the situation do sumn about n if u don’t this is what will happen…n da choice u make reflects how u felt about whatever the situations is therefore enlightening us.
    11. If we ask for answers and don’t get them what else is there to do but assume…plus guys always lie that’s a constant so it would be best if we look at the facts and assume we’d b probably more better off than sitting down waiting for u to lie to us..or…say nothing at all cus apparently “guys don’t talk much”.
    12. All I can say is we don’t create arguments we say how we feel u have a problem with that n cause it to become a argument, accept that your wrong, apologize n life will b much better for u.
    13. Pleeeeeeeezzzzzz silent treatment works n always will don’t lie come on.
    14. all I can say about that one is HUH?

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  2. lol let it all out kurupt, i’m also a councilor you know….you sound bitter. lie down on my virtual couch…what is your problem? lol all great points, it all boils down to the first quote right at the top…

    Very good argument, insubstantial and tenuous, but good nonetheless.

  3. RoXanStone

    I agree with Kurupt… it seems like only a girl can understand and thats the fundamental reason for ur post in the first place … u just dont understand so there’s “a problem with women”. when i read ur post i saw the fallacies (yes my girl we know words) but i didnt have the strength to tackle each point. i just can’t rant, i leave y’all to ur own element…thanks to Kurupt for sharing the girl’s side :-D. and if she’s bitter my guess is that the source lies in numbers 1-14, lol.

  4. good vs evil
    ying and yang
    oil and water
    night and day
    black and white
    up and down
    men and women


  5. RoXanStone

    Cool, that my friend i think is the real issue – men and women are different but we work together to complement each other and create a balance. Re the quote, i think it works both ways. Men too are often oblivious of the fact that the perfect girl might be standing right in front of them. I think it’s just human nature – we all want what we can’t get, forbidden fruit tastes sweetest. (gee i seem to be assuming the title of assistant blogger to Nuff C.R.A.P. but it’s all worth it, i’m just creating that balance LOL)

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