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I went outside tonight to escape the heat and the constant reminders of what is to come echoing from the tv. It is rather quiet but the stillness is very ominous. The first drop of rain fell on my face, telling me to look up from whence it came, the sky is now littered with small black masses that are clumping together releasing the first drops of Dean.

The power company notified us today over the television that due to the imminent hurricane, power will be out island wide as early as 10am. Water will be out much later and will most likely be undrinkable after the passing of the storm. Can Jamaica weather this storm? can we survive the devastation and grief that is to come? me must, me must persevere, we must overcome.

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“Hurricane Dean underwent a good deal of strengthening on Friday and Friday night. Dean began the day as a category 2, 100-mile-per-hour hurricane; it ended the day at a category 4, 150-mile-per-hour major hurricane. Further strengthening is forecast over the next few days as Dean moves through the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

As of 8 pm (Eastern time), Dean was located near 16.1 North, 70.2 West, which is about 405 miles east-southeast of Kingston, Jamaica, and about 165 miles south-southwest of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Maximum sustained winds are near 150 miles per hour. Dean is moving to the west near 17 miles per hour.

The outer periphery of Dean is impacting the southern coast of the island of Hispaniola (the island on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located) and Puerto Rico, but Dean will more forcibly impact Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Sunday morning into Monday. Dean could be the strongest hurricane to strike Jamaica since 1950. Stronger than Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 which was a category three when it crossed the island from end to end.”

Well the good news is i get a few days from work, see you all a few days from now and wish us luck.


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Betsy May

    Nuff CRAP is exactly what you’ll be saying in the middle of the storm….I’m an Island person and My wishes to you are ; to hear from you and let un know you made it, Our thoughts are with you and you’re family and friends. You are about to see wat hell is like….I’ve been in you situation and it’s NO party….I wish you well my friend ! Betsy

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