The calm before the storm


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The atmosphere still, skies clear, unbearable heat and there is a general ominous feeling of discontent. People are now scared, remembering what Gilbert and Ivan did to the country, the devastation and grief. To prevent loss of life, damage to property and to prepare for the possible after effects of this category 4 hurricane, there is a rush to the supermarkets and hardware stores. Bumper to bumper traffic in the towns now filled with people buying from buckets to tanks, from flashlights to generators, people are even buying machetes to help protect their families from possible vandals who wish to profit from the devastation.

This blogger has stocked up on the essentials and is providing refuge for some friends that fear that their home is not safe enough. We are in for a direct hit from the storm, with 150 mph winds that cannot be good. Forecast shows that it should make landfall sometime tomorrow evening, lets hope that everyone is prepared, ready and prayed.

Here is the latest hurricane report:


Hopefully i will be able to get online tomorrow to make my next log… till then.


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