PC vs. Mac vs. Linux

So you may wonder why i put “PC” instead of windows, well, most people assume you are talking about a windows computer when you say “PC” after all no one calls a mac or linux-based computer a “PC” plus the Ads are mighty funny so ill stick with that nomenclature.

So a relatively new battle has emerged between OS giants Windows and Mac and the new comer Linux. Ive tried all three in fact i use a mac at work, a PC at home and i have linux on ma laptop. Each is good in their own way but i think hands down Macs are best. I just love the GUI and certain features that are native to the OS. Sometime its best to take the tweaking out of the users hand and just give them what they need, sometimes people just want the work done for them without the hassle of tweaking it themselves, people like me.

Here are my pros and cons for each OS

PC (Windows)

  • Viruses
  • Memory Hog
  • Viruses


  • No viruses
  • Streamline Hardware
  • Great base options
  • Excellent Hardware
  • User Friendly Software
  • Great customer service
  • Spotlight
  • iPhone


  • Low Memory usage
  • Open Source
  • Highly “tweakable”
  • Not compatible with many programs you fell in love with even if you use wine
  • Not compatible with a lot of computers unless you painstakingly search the forums and wikis for a fix
  • Great Live CD to test the goods before you commit
  • Great programs that are not available on the other OS eg Beryl

The reason why Windows is has such a big market is that many of the users grew up on windows, they are used to it, i know thats my reason, i know windows inside out so i feel right at home. Many are saying that if Apple was supposed to make their OS available in CD form, installable on any computer, their market share would go up. It probably would but i think you would be losing out on the Mac experience. The traditional white curved edge hardware that sits on your desk or lap with everything built right in with very little hardware problems is a part of the Mac name not just the OS.

Suggestion to linux

Linux i think on order to make it more appealing to the moms and dads and the kids next door, developers may need to release some specific versions instead of having one broad base and having people that aren’t technology savvy trying to fix it the way they want. How about thinking that these people are already knee deep in windows and macs and need to be weaned off like a baby on the breast. Give them a bottle. People tend to like starting out with something they know then they work outward.

Linux for Mac users: Have the Mac look and feel no tweaking needed to reach that goal.

Linux for Windows users: No viruses but the same GUI and setup they are used to.

Trust me after a while those specific versions will evolve into something else and then you will truly see linux’s potential, not just as an OS for web tekkies but for people that demand a OS that gives them exactly what they want.

In general you can still have linux specific software installed so they can realize “hey this thing is waay better”. One might say “why would you want to have linux mimic those OTHER OS when what we want to do is start a revolution?”. Remember, this is just a marketing strategy, you want people to be able to start with something they know then you gradually wean them off and they will realize, “hey any software i want is free”, “look! no viruses”, “wow i can get exactly what i want.” Don’t look at it as a defeat but a very big gain…more people for the open source revolution.

I am not a fan of open source per say, as most of the software is not “up to scratch” Big companies use their millions to develop state of the art software and hardware for people, they invest a lot to make us happy but it comes at a price. Open source on the other hand is more basic. A developer starts working on a project but he has to make a living and because this thing is free he just puts something together, not so much state of the art, it may be one a kind but not state of the art. Open source such as open office, beryl and linux are somewhat state of the art because the demand is high and who wants to look bad when so many people are using the dang thing.

So which OS will win the war? I predict that there wont be a clear winner as people are either gonna stick to what they know/like or you’re gonna have companies adopting some of the policies their rivals. I mean it has started already, look at windows Vista anything about it remind you of a Mac?



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  1. Mac is not immune to viruses or malware or adware as they will tell you. I like the I pho9ne but when it comes down to it is just an expensive toy. The I phone browser (safari) is already flawed in hackings. They already have to have a patch out. Windows is not the prone part to hacking. It is IE. Do you know how hackers chose what to hack? Popularity. Mac is less hacked because they only make up about 4 % of the worlds browsers. If you switch from IE to Firefox you are less likely to be hacked or get a virus than with a mac. Macs claimed to be virus proof until I think it was 8 hours after the latest OS was released that it was hacked and crashed. Linux is always going to be back room. It shouldn’t be home user friendly. It was never designed for that. It was designed for programmers. The fact that it is getting easier to use n not for the home users but it is marketable that way.
    Problems with Mac…
    Hackable, not virus safe, refused to allow third party applications is a pain, non configurable.
    Mack is fine for some but my friend the first one you listed is not rue at all. No browser or OS in general is safe from viruses.
    To mac Linux for mac or windows and make it so it would not be able to be tweaked would mean it was not Linux at all.
    XP makes up for over half of the worlds users( around 60 percent). Vista 16 percent, Mack 4 percent, Linux 16 percent.Yes Linux is the same has Vista. the same has Vista. The rest of the world operating systems are around 4 percent.
    Clearly my friend Windows is winning this war. Apple will never go out because of simplicity. The fact is though is that most people who use the Apple computers dual boot with Windows.Just like most do with Windows and Linux. Mac would be more popular if they were more friendly toward third party applications.

  2. I m sorry I went to sleep last night and when I woke up the first thing I thought was “Does he really believe that mac’s and Linux based OS systems are immune from viruses. You should post that man. I am going to link this post to technorati just because of that.
    As for the open source software. Free ware is a great thing. Linux is open source. Firefox (which is going to be more dominate than IE one. Thats fact,certain systems are already being shipped with Firefox.) Open office which is your off-line version off Microsoft Office is even used for training students in school, and received a high mark than office in all but one category. As far has anti virus software goes, AVG and Avast are fantastic pieces of free ware. Both have received marks close to Norton. Then we move on to photo cropping, Google Pisca and Infranview can do all a photo editor will ever need to do. No you wont be adding any light saber effects but to make your pictures crisp and clean this is where to go. It goes on and on. Performance tools, website uploading and hosting. Games.
    For every piece of commercial software you find there is a free ware version some where. Alot of open source software does not come from basement geeks (Most of Linux tends to). Most are developed in Labs and Universities. Alot are also from commercial companies who are nice enough to make free ware for those who cannot afford to pay three hundred dollars for a power point and a spread sheet

  3. Lol i dont think that they are prone from viruses. the first time i got a mac that was the question i asked and that was the first response i got (that the reason windows got viruses is because of its popularity-alot of hackers use the OS more familiar with its makeup etc).

    Still besides the point even if mac does have viruses windows is still prone to more, and yes you do get viruses mainly though you browser eg the melinda and ILOVEU viruses they are geared towards windows users. I got my mac and windows roughly the same time and i used them roughly the same amount of times doing the same things and i got a few viruses from the Windows and none on the mac so even thou macs do have viruses the frequency is significantly less and because of this i can safely say… MACS HAVE NO VIRUSES (until i get one). 😀 people keep reading and keep shooting down macs but its because of this 4% why i think they are the best.

    As for open source as i said before, its all fine and dandy but until the masses start using the program (eg Firefox) itll still look and feel like crap. You might ask well if you think that you shouldn’t use them (and i don’t) hands down Firefox is the best i removed IE from my XP long ago. But Photoshop as opposed to GIMP hmmm ill choose photoshop, i don’t know why maybe I’m one of those babies i was talking about. Thanks for the comments!

  4. That is great that you have yet to contract a virus. I have three desktops and two notebooks. All of the desktops run XP, one notebook runs Vista and the Dell notebook runs Ubuntu. I have not ran into any viruses my self. That would mean that windows is not prone to viruses. It has alot to do with the user. If you don’t watch what your doing you will get caught with your pants down(for a lack of better words) and in the end you will pay.
    I myself use Firefox. I like to tweak and Firefox will be a dominate browser. Once it does I will have to switch to a less pretty and less popular look. Firefox is a fantastic browser and with the different themes even people who love the IE schemes can set Firefox to look like IE. Safer browsing is the responsibility of the user. Yeah will macs are less prone to get on they are capable of receiving and even being destroyed by a virus.
    Commercial photo shops will out preform more (I would say) around 97% of free ware. Put for the Dad who just wants to clean a family photo from red eye that he shot on 5mp camera then free ware is is best bet. If you deal with web sites or are in photography then you more than likely should fork out around 150 bucks. It all depends on the use. Free ware is only held back by those who use it and do not donate to help perfect the software. That is where free ware comes in. Like open office, They ask for I think a 5 dollar donation. For they get that from maybe 20% (last time I heard the numbers) of the people who down load their software. Thats hardly enough to do any type of major upgrade with in the release of an updated version Same thing with Linux. If all the people who downloaded Linux donated just 5 bucks then Linux would have been a little more able to keep up with major operating systems.
    I don’t shoot down macs because of how little people use them. I should them down for a couple of reasons…
    1. They claim to be completely free of viruses.Whihc is not true.
    2. They have claimed to make up around 50% percent of the market(which is a
    3. They are non configurable. What you buy is what you get, until you buy
    a computer.
    4. They do not allow third party applications.
    I also have things about windows I do not like at all.
    1. Too expensive
    2. You can never completely remove IE from your system. It is always there
    taken up your hard drive space. Even when you think it is gone. Believe me.
    I spend several night tweaking( and even crashed twiced) trying to
    completely remove IE. It cannot be done in no way that I know.
    3. They don’t the guts to admit that Vista is just XPse. All the cool features
    we ripped out years ago because they couldn’t get them to work.
    When it is all said and done I do not support mac because they will not be straight up about their units and what is really going on with them. It probably is really good for those who just want a computer that is basic in use and control. I myself enjoy and encourage those to buy a system that they can learn to tweak and play on. If you want to use mac that is fine but I recommend a dual boot on mac with XP or Linux. Wait on Vista. Vienna will be out in a couple of years and is said to be capable of what Vista should be.

  5. i see you’re saying a lot of what ive been saying. so at the end of the day which do you prefer the most and why?

    About IE I know its there, pops up whenever i make the mistake of checking my emails via windows live messenger. I just know that awful looking “e” is nowhere on my computer and once i stay away from messenger live I’m in for a 100% firefox experience.

  6. Firefox is the only one I use right now period. Was that what you was using on the windows pc’s or was you using IE, be honest?
    Firefox is can be adjusted to my liking(unlike IE). It is the safest way to browse that I know of right now. The right click dictionary, constant updates, low hacking rate, foxy tunes, thunder bird. All the great freebies you could ever want. Multiple tabs that are easy to maneuver, takes less memory, and is not of Microsoft. I use Gaim(and I won’t update) for my instant messaging and gmail for the interface, archiving, speed, and simplicity. Most of what I use is free ware. It just burns me up when people won’t even sent a few bucks to help develop the new version of what ever program they are using for free. Oh yeah,Ditch the messenger.
    I prefer XP. Until something better comes along. I have to be able to alter my OS and with mac I get none of that. XP is easy to use for the most common users(hence why the dominate the market) and complex enough to have to be reboot two or three times before you finally ditch all the garbage cluttering up the start up menu.With Linux… I like it but I don’t want to have to track down somebody in Uganda to get a code every time I want to do a new project . We may not agree about your love for macs but it’s good you see the greatness of Firefox. I just think your post should have read less likely hood of viruses. No virus is not true. Maybe for you so far but if you are going to promote the mac at last let the inexperienced users.
    considering buying a mac know that it is possible to get a virus. It is a lower chance of getting one but we have already covered that.

  7. No IE for me, honestly. My firefox consists of:
    colorful tabs
    download statusbar
    split screen
    facebook toolbar
    skype extension

    I have messed with my XP so much i feel bad calling it that (you’d be surprised what you can do with XP once you got the right tools)

    will change it blog guy….cant be misleading the inexperienced users.

  8. You should try..
    Stylish and Tab Catalog(You will love this one)
    For a killer theme that is out of the box try Redshift V2. The black and red set it off.
    Also try Back to top. If you do alot of online reading it can be a great. One click and you at the top or bottom of a page. No matter how long.
    Change it or not I will tell anyone I meet how to browse safer. Hope you waited on the iPhone to drop before you got one. I heard two different things about them. I heard they are sending a 100 dollar rebate from one source and from another I hear they are sending 200? Which is it? I thought an apple fan would know.

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