Nonconformists actually conforming?

Thanks to RoXanStone for pointing this picture out to me. Was gonna write about this but why bother it says it all. (click on image for larger version)


If you wanna be a non-conformist try some of these stuff:

  1. Walk around naked: who does that? you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood and possibly your city who does that.
  2. Create a new language like gypsy or pig latin: kjaksdn lnnajdn lkjanclan lkhbkjh kljnlkjn lkjnkjn kjnkj jnl lnl TRANSLATION: “Phuck the language of the slave masters and oppressors, if you wanna talk to me, talk in my language.”
  3. Turn white like MJ: How many other people you know can safely say they were black and now whiter than most white people?
  4. Become a pruneatarian: Do i need to explain this? (well for those who don’t get it only eat prunes, healthy, full of nutritional stuff and never be constipated again)
  5. Start lobbying FOR global warming: Tell the people that the trees will benefit from the excess carbon dioxide in the air. Hug a tree!
  6. Start pasting stuff to your skin: Get some sort of permanent glue and instead of doing tattoos or those other things start a trend, paste an dunce cap to your head.


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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