My Top 10 highly unlikely theories for Harry Potter 7

In no set order:

  1. Dumbledore is working with Voldemort
  2. All muggles will know about wizards and the magical world
  3. Hogwarts is gonna burn down
  4. Professor MacGonagol is gonna marry Hagrid
  5. Uncle Vernon can do magic
  6. Voldemort secretly is working for the good guys (the end justifies the means)
  7. Sirius is Harry’s real father
  8. Dumbledore is Harry’s real father
  9. Voldemort is Harry’s real father
  10. The Trauma caused by the mistreatment at the Dursley’s caused Harry to create a magical world in his head…he has always been in an asylum
  11. And for a bonus: Ron is secretly gay and finally comes out in the last book and confesses his love for Harry, Hermione is crushed.

Note: These theories are all made up by me.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Diedre

    well i dont think #9 is so out of the oprdinary. They’ve constantly intertwined Harry and Voldemort to a sickeningly personal level. What’s left is prolly Rowling making Voldemort Harry’s relative [and i think father would be the better twist in dat case] or his secret lover! lol Ok maybe i’m stretching it with the lover thing but seriously they share some real intimate moments u kno…lol

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