My Personality in Perspective

So out of pure boredom I decided to take a personality test online and I was quite surprised how spot on it was. I was never one to accurately put my personality into words so I was happy to discover this awesomely on point tool. The test works by asking you questions and presents the answers in the form of images. The images have no captions so its up to you to decide what each image means (although the image does a good job of putting ideas into your head). The questions and answers are loosely grouped into personality, time, love, money and health and then you are placed into a personality type based on your answers.

The test claims that it takes my  answers and combine them with the latest psychological research and most innovative personality profiling software in the world to create a comprehensive understanding of who I am and what makes me tick.

According to the test I am a Harmonizer. Now I’m not too sure exactly what that word means or if the it’s meaning has the same definition in other circles but I like how it sounds. According to the test, a Harmonizer is… wait I’m getting ahead of myself. The test also gave me a few insights into my outlook on life and other things. For one, it said I am a 75% realist and 75% introvert. While I agree with those two statements, I have no idea whether the 25% of the former is optimism or pessimism; I’m up in the air on that one. It then goes on to say that I’m a glass half empty kinda guy with no energy to spare. I find that my glass does tend to be kinda empty but the energy they say I don’t have is actually stored up for when it’s really needed.

So where was I? Aah yes, according to the test, a Harmonizer is:

Loyal and honest, you’re generous with your time and know how to be a true support to your friends. You value one-on-one time with your inner circle and have a few very special friends you can truly rely on.

Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balance in your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, and your friends really value your honesty and frank opinions. You may prefer routine and security to lots of new experiences.

Right now, you feel a little lost and that life could go one way or the other. However this uncertainty can be a positive way of taking a look at what you’d really like to do and making that change…or it could be that you discover you are happy just where you are!

A healthy relationship really is the bedrock of a happy home, but it also takes a lot of energy and commitment to maintain. Make sure that with all the other distractions in life, your love-life doesn’t end up at the bottom of the list.

Have you ever written a list of your positive features or asked your friends to do the same? It’s a great exercise and it might just surprise you. As a Harmonizer, it’s important to learn to trust your intuition and to know that everything will work out for the best. Learn to say yes to new experiences from time to time. Your confidence and self-belief will grow and grow. Sometimes a challenge or a change of scene could be just the thing you need.

You like to have regular quiet time to listen to your inner voice. Being alone in the open air is a great chance for you to connect to what really matters. Make sure you don’t neglect your spiritual needs and carve out some me-time as often as you can.

I find this to be, for the most part, how I think about myself, where  am in life and how I look at relationships in general. I don’t know about using the word spiritual but I get the gist of the idea. I like to introspect, gather my thoughts and have a  ’spiritual’ approach to life. I also have no need to carve out some me-time; I’m most comfortable being alone so me-time comes natural.

You’re quite satisfied that you get things done during your day, but are you reaching your full potential?

You have the ability to meet your daily challenges, but a lack of drive is holding you back and that probably means you get bored too easily. To excel you need to keep learning, but most importantly find a way to motivate yourself.

As a harmonizer your awareness of all the different elements involved in a situation means that you are a driving force when it comes to making things happen. But you need the inspiration of others to keep things exciting. Your opinions can seem critical, but they are important. If you are more assertive with them you might be surprised how much it is appreciated.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself, but when you don’t engage with tasks they pile up and leave you feeling drowned. You need the most urgent tasks to be clearly defined so that you know what to focus on. If you aren’t sure what is most important then don’t be afraid to ask people for guidance, they will appreciate your organisation. A plan can keep you grounded, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box sometimes. Try not to be too quick to reject ideas that seem unusual, change can be refreshing.

When you aren’t in a position to use all of your talents it can be difficult to stay interested, but don’t forget that you’re lucky to be where you are. The more you can focus on getting the unfamiliar tasks completed, the more spare time you will have to indulge your passions. If you’re feeling bored, take control of what you do.

Now this is where things eerily creepy. This is where all doubt goes through the window about this personality test and now I’m questioning how unique I am in the broader sense of things.

The next section – Love – has me wondering if the creators of this test could also do a matchmaking app for my iPhone that I just take around with me and test girls that I meet. This way, I can save my poor brain the trouble of trying to figure if a girl is right for me.

Settling down doesn’t have to be boring. Connecting with your true love match is just the start of a whole new adventure. So get ready to let your hair down!

As a Warm Heart, you’re very down-to-earth when it comes to love. Often it is the simplest pleasures that bring the greatest joy. For you, romance often evolves from a close friendship. You want a love that feels safe and secure and believe in building strong foundations based on trust and understanding. You are a deeply loyal person and you expect the same from your partner. A true relationship is about committing to share your life and leaning on each other in good times and bad. Quiet one-on-one time is important too. You like to dive in and get lost together in those magical feelings.

  • Keep the magic alive in a relationship by spending quality time doing something that you’ll both enjoy.
  • Be bold. Don’t feel that there’s some perfect ideal that you need to live up to. You are an amazing individual. Celebrate that yourself and you’ll quickly find that you’re not the only one who thinks so.
  • Do something different. Rent roller skates and wobble around the park hanging out to one another for balance!


You’re a real techie, and you love to have the newest best gadgets. You like your technology sleek and fast, so would love to be able to upgrade to the newest models wherever possible.

When it comes to success, you’re balanced and focused – your glass tends to be half full and you’re always happy for a top up! You see life as a marathon rather than a sprint, and tend to think in terms of long term goals. You put lots of effort into everything you do, and get a great sense of fulfillment from the results. Dedicated and committed, don’t forget to let your hair down every now and again – a little treat is just what you deserve!

Holy Steve Jobs! Right now I want to have this test run my life. I may have to get a neck brace with all the nods of approval I’m giving it. At this point this test is no longer just a test but my best friend. I’m beginning to wonder if my best friend knows me better than I know myself and if prayer gave me answers like these I would be standing on that pulpit every Sunday.

For this last chapter – Health – sadly all I got was a blank page. I guess that means I’m a hopeless case and I have very little time to live.

Overall, the test gave me some insight into areas that I need to improve upon and it also, most definitely, confirms things I knew about about myself and made me more secure in how I felt as a person. Coupled with the about me I wrote a few months back, I am positive that I know who I am now but I’m still not quite sure of who I am going to be.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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