Language Etiquette

It has been considered very rude to speak a foreign language in front of people who do not speak the language. However, many people today don’t know that and therefore don’t care.

It is insulting if people continue to do it under any circumstance. It is a lack of consideration to purposely leave someone out of the conversation when a person knows that a third person in the room cannot understand.

They should look at you, and apologize and use a language all people in the room can understand or at least explain the topic of the conversation. I’m not trying to be funny, or racist, but if you want to have a private conversation, go somewhere private and have it. Don’t use your language to exclude those around you, as it is extremely rude, offensive and anti-social.

Ways to approach the situation

  • Approach the situation with the individuals calmly by attempting to understand their perspective first.
  • Politely but firmly call them out on their inconsiderate behavior.
  • If you think that the rudeness is based on a resolvable misunderstanding, you can extend the confrontation by asking them why they are speaking in another language
  • Don’t overthink the situation
  • Walk away

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