Ive been to the end of the internet and back.

I was browsing today and it hit me…I’m basically going to the same sites over and over again. There are over 11 billion website publicly available and i still cant find anything interesting to do. God, I’m either incredibly closed-minded or people are creating more and more crappy websites about nothing, take mine for example, yes this one here that Ive posted to. So… i was browsing then i stopped, i couldn’t think of anything else to do, maybe its time i went outside to get some sun and fresh air, then again id probably get bored there too. So i have reached the end of the internet and Ive encountered a blank screen, all thats left to do is turn around and go again.


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Jammy

    lol……there is no such thing…there is no beginning or end….

  2. Van Dame

    Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End…

  3. Jammy

    true but is the internet one of those things….i don’t see it like that…

  4. musiquediva

    i can imagine you would have gone to the end of the internet with all the browsing you do. i know how you feel

  5. RoXanStone

    saw a page like that some months ago, i just thought it was some persons interpretation of humour- thats why its called the world wide web cuz there is no end. so do wat i did, hit the back button and follow another link cuz here am i still browsing…and until i find some better use of my time i dont think i’ll stop.

  6. lol there is an end. think about it a circle has no end right it goes on continuously. So what do you do you walk along the line till you reach a point. mark it and turn around then eventually you’ll end up right where you started. to me the only aspects of the internet that exists are where i visit and where i stumble upon. like the universe for example its infinitely large but the end to me is right here on earth i can go no farther.

  7. RoXanStone

    yea, maybe u will be a space tourist one day lol. ok im gettin carried away here. i c ur point tho.

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