Is life out there?


The age old question….are we alone in the universe. Is earth the only planet that has intelligent life, to have flowing rivers, a blue sky, breathable air? Well in order to answer this question, as with my other C.R.A.P., i shall enter the realm of absolute speculation. From the little i know of statistics (gosh i seem to know a very little of everything) the more objects in a pool the greater the possibility of a unique occurrence happening more than once. So imagine an infinitely large pool (the universe), the possibility of the existence of more than one unique occurrence will be great (well greater than 1). The only problem with that theory is that with an infinitely large universe the chances of finding that other unique occurrence will be slim next to none. So i do think that there is other life on other planets, just that we may never find them, its like looking for a needle in a very large haystack. Lets just hope that the needle finds us, maybe thats the only way we will ever know.

But i always wonder, why does Hollywood paint all aliens as evil beings trying to take over the world? Are we that special for them to want to experiment on us, draw out our brains through our noses, or a bit more colorful…catch us to use us as fertilizer (war of the worlds) hell, we could end up being the invading species. Imagine a thousand years from now, we have become extremely advanced with spaceships capable of ‘warp” speed, teleportation and whatever other planetary transportation technology we could invent. The only problem is, our planet is dying, centuries of burning fossil fuels has destroyed the environment, greenhouse gases has made our planet too hot to survive and our energy source has been depleted. After years of searching we found the needle, a nice, rich, green planet with all the comforts of home except there is a pesky life form living there already. What to do what to do, you know we humans are quite selfish already, why coexist when we can invade and have all to ourselves and make the same mistakes twice.

Another thing i wonder is why are the aliens are always ugly and creepy? Why cant they be thought of as a newly discovered flower, the best smell you ever came across that can be compared to a cross between a rose, a lily and a tulip. The females could look like our women except they don’t have a word for nagging in their language and they can change any part of their body by telepathically reading a guys mind to see what he wants to see. Or, the men of this alien race could know exactly what women want just by reading their minds and they don’t have a word for cheating in their language because it just doesn’t exist. Now i think it would be easy to coexist then don’t you?


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. RoXanStone

    …now that u look on it that way I say bring on the ETs! lol

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