Inanimate Sexuality Pt1

This is my first attempt at giving life to inanimate objects. I will try to make them feel and touch as we do.

Paper Mate

Never once in my one year of existence have i ever met a girl like her, usually, people are rough with me pressing me against the cold hard steel, not caring whether or not i see, hear or feel. The first time i opened my eyes i saw something being thrown on me causing me to lose my color instantly. They then threw me and 499 of my other companions in a brown fibrous prison sending us on our continental journey in complete and utter darkness.

She bought me last week, and from the moment she caressed my prison walls i could feel the subtle softness of her skin and a tenderness i never felt before. “Rescue at last” i whispered as she, with her enormous strength, tore open my earthly prison and removed me, me out of all the others. She examined my angles and smooth surface not aware of what lay underneath. Slowly she placed me on her table gently smoothing out the imperfections on my body caused by my incarceration. With each caress my body replied willingly unrolling and relaxing creating the perfect surface for our first ‘experience’ together.

She left the room allowing me to contemplate how i could approach her, should i place myself in a printer and show her a clean, smooth experience or should i go bareback allowing her to grasp my full potential, touching me places no printer could reach. She didn’t leave for long coming back with an instrument in her hand, “well, she is thinking just as i am” i said to myself. She positioned herself carefully in her seat to obtain maximum ergonomic reach to my now ready and waiting surface. Her hand, now equipped with the instrument glided slowly to the tip of my left edge and pressed softly into my being. The feeling was simply orgasmic, i trembled with every stroke of the instrument as her experienced hand made curves on my now ink soaked body. Keeping me adequately lubricated i could feel her leaving marks where she thoroughly pleased me.

Nearing my right edge she quickly turned me over and resumed the mind blowing experience. Stopping only to suck on the tip of the third member of our menage’ a trois, she began to pick up speed her motion flowing as if she now had a purpose, to fill me completely.Reaching the end of an amazing journey the picked me up and slowly and gave me a mind boggling blow as the job was now finished, that sent me over the edge. Tired and completely spent as i could take no more she placed me in a folder where i closed my eyes and began to dream about the next experience… the second draft.

Ok so what do you think this was about?

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. RoXanStone

    I like!!!! now im beginning to look like ur number 1 fan so im gonna stop commenting lol, but i just had to give u props for this…

  2. Jammy

    All i can say is a one who possesses a beautiful mind…..

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