How does that affect the price of water anywhere?

Regardless of where you are from, everybody complains about the price of gasoline and the rate at which the price is increasing. I find that rather strange, not everybody in the world use it everyday, its a non renewable resource (ie it will run out eventually), there is an extremely complicated process to refine it from crude oil to get the various fractions we need (jet fuel, gasoline etc all come from the same source), the war in iraq has left one of the major sources of crude oil supplying haphazardly and because of its detrimental effect on the environment I’m sure those ceo’s of oil company’s have to pay off loads of people to say the contrary. it should be no surprise to people that the price of oil is going up.

what is a surprise to me is that people are paying ridiculous prices for bottled water. lets contrast it to gasoline for a minute.

EVERYBODY needs water…not want….NEED water
It is highly renewable see water cycle
the refining process is not nearly as complex as for gasoline
what are the negative impacts of water on the environment? none

So why in God’s name are you paying nearly $6 dollars for a Gallon of water and complaining about $4 dollars for a gallon of gas. maybe its because i don’t drive at the moment why i don’t get it. whats so hard in buying a filter and using the tap water? maybe its the convenience of bottled water or the fact that you are helping to put tonnes of plastic into the environment.

the point im trying to make is that everyday you spend more on water than you do gasoline when it shouldn’t be so thats like spending money to walk on you own two feet and ride the bus for free…absolutely irrational.

My solution is buy one bottle of water (like a 1 liter bottle) then buy a tap water purifier and attach it to your tap. now heres the tricky part, when the bottle of water is finished, fill it at the tap. if you don’t want room temperature water just pop it into the fridge…trust me NO ONE will know the difference. you’ll still be a part of the ‘in crowd’

if you don’t believe me check this gas and water article.
check this article on the hazards of bottled water

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  1. renee

    actually it does taste different. i prefer bottled water n il keep spending money on it caz its d only one il drink. my health is far more important n as my mom says “u cant put a price on ur health!” as far as the price of gasoline goes, ppl wil always complain no matter wat n at the end of the day u still have to buy it. so i dont see a prob.

  2. shonari

    “To date, no independent investigation has shown that bottled water passes more safety and health checks than tap water. In fact, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) tested 103 brands of bottled water and concluded there was no assurance that water out of a bottle is cleaner or safer than water from the tap. Another of their conclusions didn’t surprise me either: They estimated that 25 percent or more of bottled water is nothing more than tap water.”

    you can find the full article

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