Got Weed?

So i went around asking all the people i know who smoke weed, as many questions as i could about their experience(s). Before i get into that though let me just say:
Smoking kills! But then so does:

  1. Driving and a drunk guy smashes into you
  2. Going to the wrong place at the wrong time
  3. Too much coffee (coffee is mildly carcinogenic)
  4. Committing suicide (you never know when you might feel the urge)
  5. Sex
  6. A disgruntled boyfriend or girlfriend
  7. Choking on roast beef
  8. Sunstroke
  9. A meteorite

Worried about brain cells and activity? alcohol does waaay more damage, once again i digress. Back to my survey:

According to my “study” when you smoke weed your feel very uninhibited, like you could do anything. The effect takes roughly 15 minutes, depending on the individual, your vision becomes somewhat blurry but good, and you feel disoriented. when you get up to walk you know you are moving but you’re not feeling it; its like walking on air.

Now the high effect is action-dependent, that means what you are doing at the point of highness will determine what happens next. So if youre with someone who is interested in sex then you are gonna phuck down the place, if you’re alone most likely you’re gonna wanna sleep.

You also have the laughers and the starers. The laughers when high will laugh at anything and everything, someone could have just died, they’re gonna laugh. The starers are the ones who just look out in space all silent and absolutely content with what they are doing. Remember the whole disoriented part, well if you start talking you gonna think that you talking all sense, but to the listener its all crap (no I’m not high why i love to write crap).

For beginners: don’t start big, I’ve seen it happen. they take huge puffs and because the feeling is new to them they think something is wrong. they start hyperventilating the heart races and they think they’re dying. they end up in the hospital (its rather funny), trying to explain to the doctor what happened.

The best way to go is the cake…Hmm the weed cake, minus the dangers of smoking its perfect. You eat a piece (a very small piece) and wait half an hour, it takes a bit longer to kick in than smoking but the effect is just as good, some would argue that it’s even better.

oh and if you don’t feel anything after an hour of smoking you not doing it right.

Remember smoking kills.


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Miss Indi Cisiv

    How exactly does sex kill?

  2. lol. well besides contracting a STI you could be trying a new position and get ‘hurt’ in the end or you could be having sex with someone who has a very ignorant and jealous bf/gf who happens to have a black belt or a licensed firearm.

  3. Miss Indi Cisiv

    so the act itself isn’t the killer it’s the consequences of the act…ok i understand

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