Google taking over the world?

Have you ever watched the move resident evil with the company umbrella corp that basically runs the world? well i think Google has the potential to become the umbrella corp of the real world… not in a bad way but it is becoming that cross-platform, multinational, company owning many other companies. i think that Google will invade every software market and ultimately become the primary computer software and hardware giant. Buying youtube, launching Google apps and capturing the hearts of millions of computer/internet users is just the tip of the iceberg…the beginning of a saga.

Here is a list of markets i think that Google will invade:

  1. Google OS: a first class operating system stacked with tons of google products
  2. G3: Google’s version of the ipod. creating internet syncing to their website uploading books, mp3’s, google videos etc.
  3. Google computers: packing it with state of the art hardware available to the average guy
  4. Gun (G-Gun) Not only fires bullets but uploads its usage to your google computer.
  5. G-space: the latest space station
  6. Foogle: Google’s line of food items for the computer geek on the go.
  7. G-wear: Google wear…enough said

whats there to stop them with Google the sky is the limit. they are making huge profit margins and are not limiting themselves by sticking to searches but are taking over other markets, once the potential is there they will expand. the question is are we ready for the change?

Who knows this is just another of my miscellaneous ramblings but u never know right?

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Kurupt

    Ok what?
    I think u went too far lol
    Of course google is making very strong business moves but as far as ‘umbrella corping’da ting (new phrase jus made it up, think about it)I don’t think so. I mean it’s impossible to assume that just like how google came into being and took over everything that a new young fresh innovator wont come up with some newer internet…well…thing…that takes over google n everything else that google has somehow manage to not consume. Maybe i’m wrong or maybe my logic is crappy but all i’m sayin is let’s not underrate the geeks of tomorrow

  2. shonari

    yes, exactly Google has the habit of buying up ‘fresh innovations’ once they come in. and those item are just there for show and tell…bells and whitles. anything is possible.

  3. renee

    i think its just another miscellaneous rambling!

  4. WHen you are as good as Google at everything you do like, desktop search, searching the web, online applications, email, and everything else you even touch why not buy up everything. If you make good products and they remain free. Go for it. Google has patent on underwear and a few other odd ball things. No telling what the mega corp is doing.

  5. yep. i think google is rather smart and iventive. Here is a list of products from google i use myself and im sure that if they come out with more ill use them too

    google search
    google translate
    google homepage
    google pages
    google groups

    The question is would the internet and the tech market be better off if Google created, owned or bought up everything? would we as the consumers be better off. because what i realize the giants arnt waiting for the start ups to become giants themselves but are buying them up as fast as they can here are a few examples

    google-youtube, feedburner, blogger

    Wonder when sites such as facebook gonna start selling (i wonder how the court case doing)

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