Global Warming, a Money Making Scheme?

I think that when some of these Global Warming Activists see a iceberg break off from an ice shelf due to global warming, they don’t see that that’s the result of years of us burning fossil fuels, I think what they see is green. No, not the green signifying the change in the environment that they want, not the lush vegetation and green pastures that we are destroying, nooo i think they see the green of cold… hard… cash. They see money breaking off and floating by with no one trying to reel it in, that’s where they come in. They sit in their gas guzzlers and wonder “how can i make money from Global Warming? A virtually untapped resource, a new way of turning a buck in a world so saturated with typical money making schemes.”


“Hmmm i know what ill do, create fear.” Fear is a powerful tool, create fear and you create money, all you gotta do is find away to channel the fear into their pockets. Global Warming is one of the biggest fear engines, tell someone the world is gonna end, that they are gonna die and the first question is how can we stop it. KATCHING! cash register is now open, “how much would you like Mr. Al Gore?” Push ‘facts’, a few graphs, astonishing pictures coupled with showmanship and you’re through the door.

Activists don’t attack everyday people for the money, no all they gotta do is create the fear and the common people as a group will start nudging the people with the money. So if you watch something like say “An inconvenient truth” You will start knocking down the door of your friendly oil companies and Hummer manufacturers calling for a change. These people will now dish out money to shut up these activists, sending them a cake box filled with a wad of cash telling them to lay off and carry all the negative publicity in the direction of their competitors, the fear engine works. The humanitarians get into it now, the people that only eat veggies and ride a bicycle, they want to spread the good word to the people who cant buy a DVD. I wonder how much they have to pay one of those activists to come and speak at a seminar, as we would say in Jamaica “if dem do it fi free mi nyam mi shut (translation: if they do it for free i will eat my shirt).

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(Damn, its like a horror movie)

Now Global Warming is a serious problem that we started, an inconvenient truth but true nonetheless. This problem requires serious answers and the activists are spreading the awareness, but too what end. I am not debating that they are doing something “right”, but you gotta admit, they are one smart set, gotta give them their props, scaring the money out of us! Global Warming has become what i like to call scare fare, you know like the y2k compliance. Who knows maybe the end of the scare fare wont be as bitter sweet as y2k, maybe it’ll be just bitter with all of us getting a permanent tan.


In the next issue “Are the kids getting the money?”


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  3. quote:
    “Global Warming, a Money Making Scheme?”

    As you and we all know, the ‘money-making scheme’ was engineered by and is supported by the fossil fuel pushers, who oppose the switch from oil and coal to cleaner energy sources.


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