Friends With Benefits vs Phuck Buddies vs Relationship

Whats the difference between the three? well a friend with benefits (fwb) is a guy or girl thats your friend, y’all do the friends stuff ie hang out, chill, socialize, go to the movies with other friends, talk about potential significant others but the fundamental difference between a regular friend and a fwb is that you have some form of sexual relations. No that doesn’t make what you have a relationship because you are not emotionally attached the way couples are.

A Phuck Buddy is a guy/girl who you have sexual relations with but you each have your own friend circles and you don’t do ‘friendly’ stuff. you may just meet up at the usual time, do your thing and thats it, nothing else after, before or in between. In other words a Phuck buddy is a real life dildo that you can use and put away when you’re done and generally it evolves into a friends with benefits scenario.

A Relationship is where a man and a woman are in it for companionship, compromise, sexual relations, ‘love’ (and i use the term loosely), affection, romance, business, money, and to fill that emotional longing for a ‘soul mate’.

In all three cases it is generally understood that that person is the only one you have having sex with and vice versa but their is a hierarchy of significance. Starting from highest significance of fidelity to the lowest the list is as follows:


Friend with Benefits

Phuck Buddy

Lets discuss in detail all three:

Friend With Benefits

It is imperative that you choose a friend with benefits wisely, that person must be willing to treat you as platonic as possible in the presence of other people, must not show any form of jealousy when you are in the presence of a ‘potential’ and must try not to let the sexual relations come up frequently in everyday conversations, in other words, both worlds must be kept somewhat separate. If one begins to express any one of these traits someone needs to draw the line or a decision must be made, whether to take this to the next level (dating) or end it where it is and remain JUST friends.

Phuck Buddies

It is imperative that you choose your phuck buddy wisely. State the ground rules early (ie from the first tryst) what this ‘relationship’ is all about, what you want out of it and ensure that you stick with it, chances are you may have a bf/gf but you have that little thing (phuck buddy) on the side so he or she MUST be able to keep their mouth shut and act accordingly. if things start changing best to nip it in the bud or make a decision as to where you want it to go.


It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that you choose this person very wisely, i cannot stress that point enough. Make sure you know what you want from a relationship and make sure the person you choose can give it, don’t think that half way in the person is gonna magically improve in where he/she fell short, it may happen but highly unlikely. If you know its not gonna last long don’t bother, someone is gonna get hurt, its rare that people make a clean break. And, if it is gonna end short then chances are it wasn’t a relationship in the first place probably either a phuck buddy or fwb situation, maybe it was given a the title because someone didn’t want to feel guilty ‘sex outside of a relationship’

Things to bear in mind

Everything has its purpose so if any of the above not fulfilling its purpose then you need to edit the title or forget it. What are the purposes? that is up to you. I think though that a phuck buddy is the person you have because you cant be bothered with the relationship thing or like i said before he/she is the person on the side. Generally the sex with this person is great. The FWB is a the person who is just there, you had a breakup or you cant be bothered with the relationship thing and that friend is there to provide a little relief from the stresses of life, the sex is sometimes great but most of the time passable. but you don’t mind cuz like i said the fwb is just filling a void. A relationship is everything and can be draining at times.


Pleas don’t enter into any of these for the wrong reasons…it WILL backfire. Don’t start because you think that eventually it will change, Don’t start because you think thats what they want and definitely don’t start to get back at someone.

Remember we are all human and we are very complex so some of these ideas may vary depending of the individuals involved and the situation



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