Double Standards

A double standard that i find interesting in life is the fact that men who sleep around (that is, have sex with many girls) get ratings for it while girls who do the same are termed as whores, sluts and all the other derogatory terms.
now my view on the whole thing: i think its CRAP. I don’t think in this case, what goes for the guy shouldn’t go for the girl. i think the girl should have sex with anyone she wants without suffering verbal repercussions. So a guy shouldn’t be looking a girl and she is there saying she doesn’t want to do anything with him because of what people might say. CRAP.
girls… have sex with whoever you want whenever u want.
Be free, its your body, embrace your sexuality, enjoy what gives you pleasure.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. stacy

    Interesting view. But tho double standard. A lady cant do what a man does and still be considered a Lady. We have limits… and ppl men and women…just sould not sleep around. Casual Sex… isnt necessary

  2. see the double standard there again…… what are the limits for?

  3. stacy

    do i need to get in to all the medical reasons of mutiple partners? Plus, i dont agree that men should have multiple sex partners either…

    its a general view still…

  4. RoXanStone

    i agree. no one should have multiple sex partners. i find it strange that a guy is speaking out against the double standard tho. in my view, they help to create that double standard. just listen to dancehall music, the girl who has only one man is revered and the one who is more generous with the “nookie” is constantly chastized. there are too many songs to quote just one and the irony is that dancehall isnt exactly a bastion of morality with its constant promotion of crime. but i’ll agree with stacy, y do away with the double standard by changing the common perception of WOMEN who sleep around and not MEN? y not dish out the same treatment to promiscuous men? y dont u encourage men not to sleep around? that’s just my two cents…

  5. lol medical reasons…just so you know u can have one partner and still have medical reasons. All i was saying still is just live your life the way you want to and not let it be dictated by society…so if u wanna have casual sex go right ahead and not let society stop you…

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