So taking a detour from my writing routine of one post per day, i had to come and share this interesting experience on the way home from work. So on with the story:

I just jumped into a taxi (and a Jamaican taxi is like a bus that carries only 4-5 complete strangers and the taxi can be any type of car but mainly Toyota’s) and took a seat behind the driver who was busy eyeing a girl as she was sitting down in the passenger seat. Now its not anything new but in this case the taxi man’s eye was being diverted to the girls lap by this big bag of guineps. So the journey to my yard commenced and so did the eating of the guineps by the young girl, looking at the back of the drivers head i could see that it was turned most of the time towards the guinep and not to the road. Sensing my discomfort the girl offered the taxi man some of the guineps and he gladly accepted. Showing the agility of a monkey in a tree he began eating the guinep by taking one hand off the steering wheel to dedicate to guinep eating and the other to driving. This is nothing new as he would have been the first taxi man to keep both hands on the steering wheel while navigating through rush hour traffic. The story gets sweeter than the guineps.

Loving the them so much he went into a monologue about guineps, “you know guineps are good for you? yeah man anything wah grow up (that is in a tree) is good for you, dem full of energy”, the girl nodded politely. “yeah, anything that grow in the sun have nuff energy, yeah man, anything that grow down (i assume in the earth) is a downer, dat nuh good for you” at that point stifled laughter was something definitely new in a taxi to me, as the ride is not something anyone particularly enjoys. So he continued to rant about “downers” and “uppers”, poor me laughing my head off around the back reveling in the man’s ignorance.

Almost reaching my stop the girl hoping to shut him up, gave him more guineps so that they would occupy his mouth and let the journey continue in silence. To me and everyone’s surprise the taxi man declined and said “no sah, dem guniep deh too sour, dem will bine you up”.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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