Candle Malfunction


Ever had a device stop working or malfunction? your car, celphone, tv remote or even a flashlight? and do these malfunctions usually occur when you need the device most? Well, have you ever had a candle malfunction on you? i have. I’m not talking about the flame being blown out without the slightest hint of a breeze or it just not being able to be lit, I’m talking about an actual malfunction… a faulty or abnormal functioning.

Days after Hurricane Dean, I am yet to get back electricity (sad i know but thats life for ya) and i had to resort to candles. It was working ok except i couldn’t plug my laptop into it and go online but hey, at least i could see where i was going…anyways i digress. I was now down to my last candle, i lit it with hopes of it lasting well into the night or until i fell asleep…i was soo wrong. I went outside for 15 minutes and came back in, lo and behold, the candle was out. From a distance it seemed ok but upon my approach i saw to my horror and astonishment, something out of a photoshop tutorial, a half burnt candle. Half (vertically) of the candle was gone! the wick still intact an yet half the wax was gone, settled in the plate and hardened. I have no clue how it happened or how to explain it. Sigh, the thing that upset me the most is that i had no light for the rest of the night.

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candle_burn_half.jpg candle_burn_wierd.jpg candle_half_burnt.jpg candle_wax.jpg candle_wick.jpg

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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