My very first blog was on Blogger, it was chosen as it was the most mentioned during my searches on how to start a blog and the various blog engines that i could use. I gave my blog a name, chose my template and wrote my first post, after a while i tweaked it a bit by changing the color scheme, added adsense and and a few widgets, it looked great. But something was missing, to this day i have no idea what it was. I discovered wordpress after doing some blog surfing one day, after noticing major differences i decided to try out wordpress for a few weeks.


Result, i was completely hooked. Sigh, i don’t know what it is either wordpress is alot more restrictive when it comes to certain things such as customization, widgets, javascript and other multimedia options. Blogger basically let go the reins and let us (the bloggers) run wild, your blogspot is basically do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want to do it. hmmm maybe thats why i like wordpress, subconsciously i like a little… restraint, you know, leave certain things out of the users control and just give them what they need.


I think the lack of adsense is practically genius on wordpress’s part, alot of people hate the ads and just want to stick to reading and writing. They don’t need to see a box advertising Viagra online or Jamaican Singles. I am now one of those people who are addicted to blogging, yes addicted, its like digital cocaine, you take a sniff and you’re hooked.

Digital cocaine, you’d think thats bad but it isn’t, you get a small high from blogging, writing the C.R.A.P. on your mind and people reading said C.R.A.P. and possibly become mildly interested, its very euphoric.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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