The Life and Times of Shonari

A brother, a companion, a true friend. We are so close he could be me, shonari is a gentle soul never seeking danger and it stayed away from him. I knew him from birth, probably earlier and i knew he was eager to come out of the womb. When he did he didn’t like what he saw so and promptly regretted coming out. From his young years he had a love for nature, science and the finer arts, always stoning dog with his excuse being that they didn’t belong. His first science experiment was a huge success when he killed a cockroach with a magnifying glass, the highlight of his youth. his life was pretty uneventful for a few years going through high school in a daze just trying not to bounce into anyone.It was in his 6th form years that he discovered girls liked him as he used to admirer them in the shadows previously (he made sure to tell me to tell you all that it wasn’t a pervertish admire in the shadows, just admiration from a distance). The shift from books to girls was sudden and an immediate decrease in his grades was noted yet he didn’t care less as the girls were more than enough to study. Scraping together a grade worthy enough for the University of the West Indies to allow him to matriculate, Mr. Gow finally found his niche, occupying a bed on the AZ Preston Hall of residence. For three years he ate, breathed and dreamt about this noble hall of residence and for all his hard work they gave him shit and promptly ejected him from the premises. Though he held no grudges he always thought of burning the place down. It was through word of mouth that he found out he did indeed get back a room but is bad mind people did bad mind him.

So the next chapter in his life began, he got a job and he left his mother’s yard, he was now a man. Manhood is phuckery he told me one day, life is much easier as a kid, no bills, no rent, no job, you go through you early life in a dreamworld made real by modern society. He then began to look back at his 22 years of life and noticed that he didnt accomplish a damn thing and that he was just taking up space, but he also made me aware that now, the space that he took up now has value no matter how small a value it may be. these the little things he said that made no sense at all but when looking back, it made all the sense in the world.

Was there a bad side to Shonari, in his mind their wasn’t he was the way the creator made him. But to some, he was the sometimish/moody/Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde type. Yet, even though people thought this they would not leave him the hell alone. He came to the conclusion that people were weirder than him they just didn’t realize it. Someone even wrote him a Hate mail and he is yet to find out what it was about. I am sure people have said other derogatory things about him behind his back but thats what life is all about, people planning your funeral before you die….life wouldn’t be the same without a few haters. He always says if no one hates you, you haven’t been living, even Jesus had haters (not that Im comparing shonari to Jesus, I’m just saying), Mother Theresa had haters even Ghandi too. Though shonari has no such impact on the World he still got haters.

Quiet, pessimistic, charming, soulful, likable a few words that described him. He once showed me his horoscope that a friend of his sent to him and this is what it said “Pisces- caring and kind, high appeal, has the last word, good to find, hard to keep, fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way, good sense of humor! thoughtful… always gets what he wants. loves to joke. Silly fun and sweet” to him that was like the epitome of himself. Why reinvent the wheel, that was him indeed though they forgot sarcastic.

So my fellow readers, Shonari is just a man, lover of life, friends and family. Know he loved you all even though he didn’t show it, silent river run deep and he is bottomless, a deep soul, a kind heart, friends and well wishers join me in a moment of liquor drinking later on. We shall drink with him for he is not gone he will live for a while longer (hopefully 40-50 years longer)… as he would say… life is a bitch so be a dog and phuck it NEVER let it phuck you. I thank you.



I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Diedre

    funnest autobiography i’ve read so far! [so wen we drinkin? lol]

  2. RoXanStone

    LOL…Some serious A&E stuff…

  3. Anique

    WOW…i learnt alot….this jus beats the fun out of hearing and discovering it all on messenger now….lol

  4. Tatiana

    ur quite insightful n creative…u have what too many guys lack; a character n a good sense of humour. ur piece has really sensitized me n i am thoroughly motivated by ur website in general…keep doing ur thing n note that its having a great impact

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