Are the Children getting the money?

Lets start this post with a video to get everyone in the right frame of mind.



Here are the key phrases:

  • For years we have been taking you to places like this showing you the heartbreak.
  • We know you thought about it, put it on a nice to do list but never got around to doing it.
  • And its not like you’ll feel bad by doing it, you’ll feel great for sponsoring a kid, everyday after you get up.
  • So why not now.

Pure Genius! These guys are masters of the game. The Global Warming Activists have nothing on them, they only got you on fear… these guys caught you on GUILT. When you throw half the burger in the bin you’ll think damn, that could feed 3 kids in Africa and you’ll say hey 80 cents a day is not so bad, thats like pack of gum or a soda. Now imagine a thousand more like you, lets do the maths 80×1000=80,000 cents, now lets work with something more tangible… 80,000 cents=$800 dollars. Wow, thats $800 dollars a day from just 1000 people, once again i digress. So are the kids really getting this money? We will never know.


Those little packages they send to you, who’s to say that they don’t have twenty packages that they send over and over to everyone with the same twenty kids in the same clothes. They think that no one is gonna meet up with the same sponsored kid cause people don’t talk about those stuff. Can you imagine telling a friend of yours, “hey i just sponsored a kid in Africa, yes 80 cents a day”, worse if your friend asks you for a beer, “sorry bro aint got the cash”.

Shame on those people that exploit kids to make a buck, using their poverty for their wealth, using guilt to take our hard earned cash and put in their pockets. I would prefer if they start a “adopt a child” campaign, send the living breathing child to me let me feed, cloth and love it then send it back. Wait am i exploiting the kids by criticizing those people who are trying to help them just so i can give people something to read, just so i can increase my hits? hmmm who knows. Do i feel guilty by not giving the money? naw i have too many problems to feel guilty.


I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. Kurupt

    Nope, I don’t think the kids get the money. To me charity makes no sense whatsoever unless they line up all the poor people and put the money and the food directly in their hands. I mean yeah we all know that there is people starving n whatever but why do they spend money (by the way ) to pay to make the ADs and pay for them to play on the channels, then they pressure me who can barely afford anything to give them money, that’s ridiculous. How about u pressure them movie stars n CEOs for the money they waste buying jewelry for their dogs…oh…wait…they do have “charity events” where they wear $10,000 gowns n waste plates n plates of food to feed the starving in Africa hmmmm. Screw them if they think they’re gonna make me feel guilty…until they show me the kids with the money in they’re hands buying shit they not getting any of my meager stash…oh n by da way if the kids r hungry why r they having charity events for PETA? don’t u think we should focus on humans first before we worry about the pets?

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