21st Century Prostitution

Gone are the days when trading sex for money was a sordid affair. When women had pimps who served as both bodyguards and accountants. Gone are the days when the art of prostitution was simple in concept where you knew where you stood in the scheme of things and you could name your price upfront. Now it seems there is another shade to that gray area, a brighter more appealing ‘legally’ and socially accepted route. It’s a fine tuned blend of the taboo mixed with the traditional creating the ultimate hybrid. I wish i could give this new arm of prostitute a name but i don’t think one has been invented yet.

We all know why prostitution is a taboo subject, women peddling their bodies for monetary gain while destroying themselves in the process. Also, moral issues such as corruption of minors and the Potential of being raped, beaten or killed is higher than normal. But i think the main reason is that sex should not be regarded as a commodity, separated from love. Approving of prostitution makes the statement that society approves of that divide.

But it seems we have found a way to re-word and redefine prostitution and somehow miraculously transform the worlds oldest profession into a money house for modern day independent women (and men alike). Gone are the days when women wanted admirable traits in a man such as:

  1. Honesty
  2. Reliability
  3. Trust
  4. Companionship
  5. Hard working and goal oriented
  6. Shared Values
  7. And the Good ol’ ace in the bag…A good sense of humor

Now they are willing to trade one or more of the above for non-essential yet desirable attributes.Attrubutes such as:

  1. The type of car they drive
  2. Size of their bank account
  3. And their stupidity and naivety when it comes to women.

Peddling themselves in a back alley of some bar to 10-15 men a night just to make a living while trying to keep the police and good ol pimp at bay is a shitty way to live. But now all they have to do is find a rich man and latch on for dear life, feeding him with sweet nothings (or in this case the sweetest thing) while dropping hints here and there about what and how much she wants, just to keep her in his life. Yet the sad thing is men or anybody else doesn’t see this as prostitution, women trading their self respect and independence for financial security by providing companionship and sex for however long the whole thing can last. May it have been reworded and redefined but that sound like prostitution to me.

Im not saying finding a rich man is a bad way to live, but what gets me is the pitiful attempt to set it separate and aside from prostitution when its basically the same damn thing. Yes finding a rich man could be considered ambitious but when you are willing to trade admiral traits for financial security, then it becomes a problem.

Lets face it, there have always been prostitutes, and there always will be. To pretend otherwise is humbug and hypocrisy. To re-label it and reinvent the business model is ingenious, simple in concept but complex in its execution. Its like the age old adage, dont re-invent the wheel, instead, why not add a spinning hubcap and call it a spinners to raise its value and add to its appeal.

I always say if it walks like a duck…

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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  1. i see u still blog. 😛
    My thoughts is that everything in life is done out of self-interest and how to better one’s self be it by getting an education and being independent, or selling body for the paper.

  2. I agree with that statement 100% BUT what i dont agree with is making it out to be something it isnt. Calling a relationship a relationship when you’re using that person to get money by selling your body 😛

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