My Favorite Books

Here is a list of my favorite books to date. This list is in no way complete, but they are my top favs. Just click on each image to get author info and read the book summary. Cheers

Japan, Land I love

From as long as when I first learnt to read a map I’ve wanted to go to Japan. The island nation roughly 8000 miles away from my island home of Jamaica has captivated my thoughts with its rich history, culture and all around way of life. Being a self-proclaimed techie, japan holds a special place in my heart with its advanced technology that is way ahead of any other country in the world. I always dismissed the idea of going to japan as one for dreamers and thrill seekers. Indeed, if I got the chance I’d be on the first
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Is Time Travel possible?

Almost everyone believes that time traveling is only for science-fiction movies. But do we really know if time travel is possible? If you ask an average joe on the street, they will think you are crazy, well most of them. However there are still some people who believe that time travel is possible. If you ask the guys with the brains, then they will have a neutral answer. Why? Because time travel is one of the mysteries which science isn’t able to solve, yet. According to some scientists, worm holes and black holes present in  space could hold an answer
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Levels of Belief

During a deep meditation after having a drink of Appleton Rum, my mind wandered off into the world of religion. I wondered how many different types of believers are there. Not how many different religions there are, but if you were to pick one religion say, Christianity, how many types of believers would there be that practice their faith and, to what extent.  Don’t get me confused with the idea of denominations/sects, I’m talking about the many levels of belief, starting with the fanatical believers and working its way down to the full blown satanics. I’m pretty sure I fall
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Vybz Kartel—Virginity

‘A di teacher’ has  done it once more. The song ‘Virginity’ is a constant melody in my head, a beat I replay over and over again as I revel in its fun, raw and rhythmic simplicity. Basically its a typical story about a young ‘Jamaican’ girl losing her virginity. And I stress the ‘Jamaican’ because nothing about this story is typical for anywhere else. It may seem raw and graphic but how else can you tell this tale? Have a listen and tell me what you think. I have also included the lyrics just in case you cant follow from
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