My Dictionary

This is a list of words that ill be using that dont appear in the english dictionary and and their supposed definition… Phukk: Please see this article for definition. NOTE: If you get offended by foul language don’t look! Dewidable: Possibility of a relationship (intimate) by standards predefined by the user. Phukkabilities: Traits present in a person that makes you wanna phuck them.

Hello my name is Shonari and i’m an addict…

We don’t have AA or any other form of support group for addicts here in Jamaica or if we do i haven’t heard about it so I’m starting my own 12 step program: Step 1: Admitting that i have an addiction Hello my name is Shonari and i have an addiction well…a few addictions, im addicted to My computer and by extension the internet Sex Lyming 7-up Cook food eg. rice and peas, fried chicken etc Some semi illegal substances Myself Adobe Photoshop CS2 And my biggest addiction…Facebook See step 2 later

Shonarimatics: The Math of My Life

Lets break down my life into numbers: Number of days ive been alive (excluding gestation): 8164Of that Ive been asleep for: 2721 daysBeen in school for: 935 daysBeen working for: 122 days So add those up and subtract from the whole:8164 – (2721+935+122+30 days for time spent in bathroom) = Where the hell has most of my life gone?

Places i cudn’t work

This will be an ongoing post pointing out places i couldn’t work for various reasons. Place i couldn’t work #1:A fast food restaurant for eg KFC: I could not work there because for every meal i prepare i gotta take a piece of chicken or some fries. so ill either end up severely overweight or out of a job fast, worst if they deduct it from ma pay…whoa.

Mi hate you Shonari!

So i got my first hate mail today, unlike most hate mail, it wasn’t aimed towards the color of my skin, which political party i favor, which friends i keep or even what faith i follow. All i got was “I hate you Shonari” i dont know what im hated for so all i replied with was “ok”. I live by the saying “A soft answer turneth away wrath” and i think it worked cuz im yet to get a reply. To the sender…maybe you should ask yourself “whats wud Jesus say”?