Places to visit before I die

These are places that i have always been fascinated with and i hope to visit all of them before i die. 1. Japan The home of anime, cosplay, girls in cute uniforms and of course the tech center of the world! Japan is definitely on the top of my list. I may not know Japanese but armed with my pocket translator and my rudimentary sign language, Ill be sure to get around just fine. Top things to do: 1. Eat ONLY Japanese food 2. Ride on the Shinkansen (Japanese high speed railway system) 3. Visit the most famous temples in
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The Math of Women-Womenomatics

I found this equation online and let me just say….genius! Lets address the first issue…i think girls are wonderful, cant live without them but that does not make the equation wrong….they are still evil. If you plug men into this equation it would not work, men do not need time or money, that just takes us out of the equation right there. Any comments? this equation is flawless…lol