7 Free Cloud Storage Options

With all the public cloud storage offerings on the market today, many vendors just want customers to sign up for their services. So, in return for a new account, many offer free cloud storage. Using the following 7 public cloud storage options, you could theoretically get 124GB of free cloud storage. A great idea is to use them all to create an organised online backup system that’s completely free. The concept is pretty simple: sign up for as many free cloud storage accounts as you need and utilize each one to back up different kinds of files. Name: Dropbox Free cloud storage: 2GB Extra storage: “Pro”
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Microsoft Mega Award Lottery

It seems that Google Mail (Gmail) in recent weeks has been invaded by the internet scam people. Being a Gmail user for over 3 years, I was proud to say that I had never gotten spam while using Google’s Mail Service. Now every week I recieve a few internet scams promising me millions of dollars from either winning the lottery, inheritance or some random win. I know these scams have been around every since someone dreamed up the internet, but getting them through Gmail… unheard of. Google needs to use their acres of server farms and infinately fast processers to
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Reaching the One Billion Mark

It seems that the Social Network Wars are now over with Facebook emerging the victor. With no end in site Facebook with over 400 Million Users is on the top of its game. MySpace the once giant in the social network era was crippled when david-like Facebook approached. Indeed taking on a goliath feat was no easy task, but, with its streamlined business model and innovative network practices, many other social networks have to cower in fear. That is not to say that niche driven networks have not taken off in their own right. Social Networks such as Youtube and
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