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Google Style Business Card

I love Google Search. I search for everything, from what color clothes go well together to ‘why cant you put toothpaste back in the tube‘ (I’m random like that). So after searching for ‘business card templates’ one day, I thought to myself, why don’t I make a Google themed business card in celebration of my favorite search engine. So after a bit of tinkering the result is this:    If you need a copy (indesign template) please click here


Hide Menu Bar when in Full Screen Youtube Video in Mavericks

Whenever I watch YouTube videos now in fullscreen (using Mavericks & Chrome), the menu bar and dock still show over the video. The best solution I can come up with thus far is to enable full screen via the Chrome Browser. Google Chrome gives you the ability to view Web pages in full screen mode, hiding all elements other than the main browser window itself. This includes tabs, toolbars, bookmarks bars, and the download/status bar. Full screen mode can be toggled on and off in just a few easy steps. First, open your Google Chrome browser. To enter into Chromes
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Watch Youtube Videos Fullscreen with Dual Monitors on Mac OSX

HTML5 Youtube Full Screen in Mac is becoming Mac OSX Full Screen and literally makes secondary monitor unusable. To circumvent this install YouTube Options for Chrome and go to advanced options and under the heading Playback select Flash as the video codec. This will allow you to use your second monitor while using youtube fullscreen. This will work with other web video players with the same issue.


Quickly add Instagram Hashtags to Photo

So you’re trying to get more likes on your Instagram photo but the tediousness of typing out all those hashtags is getting to you. Sadly, Instagram does not offer tag clouds/bundles which would make life much easier for us. If your posts are set to public, you can add tags to your photos and videos that will make them visible on public tag pages. One quick way to add hashtags is to use your iPhone’s Keyboard Shortcuts. Step 1 Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts Step 2 Add a new shortcut by tapping the ‘+’ in the top right
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Language Etiquette

It has been considered very rude to speak a foreign language in front of people who do not speak the language. However, many people today don’t know that and therefore don’t care.


7 Free Cloud Storage Options

With all the public cloud storage offerings on the market today, many vendors just want customers to sign up for their services. So, in return for a new account, many offer free cloud storage. Using the following 7 public cloud storage options, you could theoretically get 124GB of free cloud storage. A great idea is to use them all to create an organised online backup system that’s completely free. The concept is pretty simple: sign up for as many free cloud storage accounts as you need and utilize each one to back up different kinds of files. Name: Dropbox Free cloud storage: 2GB Extra storage: “Pro”
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Change Screen Resolution of Windows 7 Guest on a Mac Host – Virtual Box

After an extensive online search I have finally figured out how to change the screen resolution for my Windows 7 installation (Guest) that I am running on a Mac Mini via VirtualBox. By default the screen resolution is set to 800×600 and any attempt to resize the window leaves windows 7 at a fixed 800×600 while the VirtualBox window resizes. Here are the steps: OSX Version 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) VirtualBox Version 4.2.6 Windows 7 x86 (Guest) Step 1: On the Mac, go to Applications and scroll down to Virtual Box. Right-click and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Navigate to Contents > MacOS > VBoxGuestAdditions.iso Step 2:
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How to create beautiful desktops using GeekTool

GeekTool is an application that allows you to not only customize your desktop in Mac OS X, but also display any Terminal output right on your desktop. It does this via three default plugins: File plugin to monitor MacOS X activity with /var/log/system.log, or any file that you want to follow. Shell mode to launch custom scripts or commands like “df” to check space left on filesystems or “uptime” to monitor load on your machine. Finally, image mode helps you monitor bandwith usage, CPU load, memory availability on your server with tools like MRTG or RRD. It installs as a
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What I want in a Girl

Lest anyone suspect that my standards for women are too high, let me allay those fears by enumerating in advance my criteria for the match. First, the potential girlfriend must be approximately my age—let’s say 30 plus or minus three or four years. Second, the girl must be beautiful (and I use that term all-encompassing to refer to both inner and outer beauty). Third, she must also be reasonably intelligent—she doesn’t have to be Mensa material, but the ability to carry on a witty, insightful argument would be nice. She has to be sweet and down to Earth, empathetic, really in
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My Personality in Perspective

So out of pure boredom I decided to take a personality test online and I was quite surprised how spot on it was. I was never one to accurately put my personality into words so I was happy to discover this awesomely on point tool. The test works by asking you questions and presents the answers in the form of images. The images have no captions so its up to you to decide what each image means (although the image does a good job of putting ideas into your head). The questions and answers are loosely grouped into personality, time, love, money and health and
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The Stranger

“Clean-up on isle three”, the young store clerk announced over the intercom. “another hyperactive kid” Nicole thought to herself as she bent down for the paper towel, revealing the firm shapely legs that seemed to continue forever under the tight red cotton plaid skirt she had decided to wear to work that day. Nicole visit that night to her neighborhood supermarket was not unusual as she made that trip once a week to restock her household supplies. She reached up to the top shelf to grab a pack of those elusive butter pecan cookies that melted on her tongue giving
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The subconcious pen thief

We all have subconscious actions, things we do without thinking about it. Just being in a certain situation or experiencing a specific event can trigger a subconscious reaction. These changes can be physical or mental, for example, when you are nervous you may start chewing your nails. This is a physical reaction to nervousness, no one thought triggers this reaction but it happens nonetheless. The same thing occurs when we ‘steal’ a pen. We borrow a pen and we subconsciously retain it for ourselves. What triggers that response? No one really knows, maybe the pen is the simplest object a
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My Favorite Books

Here is a list of my favorite books to date. This list is in no way complete, but they are my top favs. Just click on each image to get author info and read the book summary. Cheers


Japan, Land I love

From as long as when I first learnt to read a map I’ve wanted to go to Japan. The island nation roughly 8000 miles away from my island home of Jamaica has captivated my thoughts with its rich history, culture and all around way of life. Being a self-proclaimed techie, japan holds a special place in my heart with its advanced technology that is way ahead of any other country in the world. I always dismissed the idea of going to japan as one for dreamers and thrill seekers. Indeed, if I got the chance I’d be on the first
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Is Time Travel possible?

Almost everyone believes that time traveling is only for science-fiction movies. But do we really know if time travel is possible? If you ask an average joe on the street, they will think you are crazy, well most of them. However there are still some people who believe that time travel is possible. If you ask the guys with the brains, then they will have a neutral answer. Why? Because time travel is one of the mysteries which science isn’t able to solve, yet. According to some scientists, worm holes and black holes present in  space could hold an answer
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Microsoft Mega Award Lottery

It seems that Google Mail (Gmail) in recent weeks has been invaded by the internet scam people. Being a Gmail user for over 3 years, I was proud to say that I had never gotten spam while using Google’s Mail Service. Now every week I recieve a few internet scams promising me millions of dollars from either winning the lottery, inheritance or some random win. I know these scams have been around every since someone dreamed up the internet, but getting them through Gmail… unheard of. Google needs to use their acres of server farms and infinately fast processers to
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Reaching the One Billion Mark

It seems that the Social Network Wars are now over with Facebook emerging the victor. With no end in site Facebook with over 400 Million Users is on the top of its game. MySpace the once giant in the social network era was crippled when david-like Facebook approached. Indeed taking on a goliath feat was no easy task, but, with its streamlined business model and innovative network practices, many other social networks have to cower in fear. That is not to say that niche driven networks have not taken off in their own right. Social Networks such as Youtube and
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Lost: The End

After watching the finale of lost, I realized that not everything is to be read at face value and some things will never have an answer. The writers had a basic storyline but to keep us guessing they sometimes went off on a unexplainable tangent to throw us off course, giving us paths that will just end up at a dead end. With that said its or duty as dedicated lost enthusiasts to find that main road and forget those turn offs that cause nothing but confusion. Now that we know that in the end they are all dead the
Continue reading… helps you share secrets is a website that offers url shortening with a twist. Simple in concept, gives you the option of adding a password to your shortened links enabling you to share the link publicly with a select few. But why would you want to password protect a link? Well here are a few ideas: Share an inside joke on the fly with friends in specific groups eg. twitter and facebook lists. No need to contact group members individually. Share user sensitive data with your team Share X-Rated pictures and articles with that special someone Get that message out with additional
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My Favorite TV Shows

These are my favorite TV Shows to date. Just click on a thumbnail to view the show summary.


Levels of Belief

During a deep meditation after having a drink of Appleton Rum, my mind wandered off into the world of religion. I wondered how many different types of believers are there. Not how many different religions there are, but if you were to pick one religion say, Christianity, how many types of believers would there be that practice their faith and, to what extent.  Don’t get me confused with the idea of denominations/sects, I’m talking about the many levels of belief, starting with the fanatical believers and working its way down to the full blown satanics. I’m pretty sure I fall
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Facebook vs Myspace

Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social networking sites available and most of the social networking enthusiasts will have a profile on both for sure. Despite being on both, every user always prefer one site over the other. And this is because of the fact that there are many notable differences between them. We will take a closer look at a few here. Applications: Facebook is well known for its wide variety of unique user friendly applications, which are being designed on a regular basis to assist with professional networking that is taking place on the site. For instance,
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Vybz Kartel—Virginity

‘A di teacher’ has  done it once more. The song ‘Virginity’ is a constant melody in my head, a beat I replay over and over again as I revel in its fun, raw and rhythmic simplicity. Basically its a typical story about a young ‘Jamaican’ girl losing her virginity. And I stress the ‘Jamaican’ because nothing about this story is typical for anywhere else. It may seem raw and graphic but how else can you tell this tale? Have a listen and tell me what you think. I have also included the lyrics just in case you cant follow from
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Religious Hard Talk

After reading Spanish Inquistor’s blog I have a few questions about religion and Christianity that i need answering. It seems that whenever a person is unsure about the whole religion thing and they need questions answered, the people who should know the answer either don’t answer with them saying that you shouldn’t question what is or they give you some round the bush answer that doesn’t really answer anything. You know what I’m talking about, the whole FAITH answer, you know, telling you to have faith and don’t question God for if you do bad thing will happen. Its like
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SocialScope: A Twitter & Facebook Client for your BlackBerry

Ten months after my first invitation request, SocialScope finally graced me with an invite. I wont lie, I totally forgot what the hell it was and had to do a quick Google search to make sure this thing was ligit. After installing I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of features that was packed into such a neat little App. But let me not get ahead of myself, what is SociaScope? Well its basically a Mobile inbox for your social networks adding all the best features of twitter, facebook, flickr and foursquare into one handy and useful App. Kinda like
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My iPod Touch Home Screens

Apple iPod Touch 2G 32GB


100% Jamaican

Here are some interesting facts about my island homeland, Jamaica, that you may not have known but will indeed find interesting. Jamaica has the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world. Source-Guinness Book of World Records. Over 1,600 “churches” all over Jamaica . That number is growing. Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States ! This was only 18 years after Britain ! Jamaica is the first Caribbean Country to gain Independence . Jamaica is the first team from the English-speaking  Caribbean  to qualify for
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How to make Homemade Rum

Ever wondered how they make that magical liquid that when drunk moderately makes your night better and in excess your morning worse? Well I have and I’ve decided to concoct my own version of rum just to see if I could. And let me tell you, its the best rum I’ve ever had…Well it comes close. It is surprisingly easy to make your own rum, with just one stop to the local grocery store and a little light Googling one day, anybody can create their own alcoholic masterpiece. Many articles on the subject will tell you that you need fancy
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Making Marijuana Brownies

Now i know many people hate the idea of smoking with all the talk of emphysema, cancer and the other health hazards of inhaling smoke. But its kinda hard to kick the habit with hardly any other safe and just as potent methods of getting high. Well I’m here to give you the easiest and ultimate recipe for making pot brownies. Ingredients One Brownie mix 3/4 Cups Oil 2 Eggs A bag of Marijuana (Roughly 4-8 grams depending on strength required) 1/4 Cup of Water (Optional) Directions Step One: Grind up the Marijuana and add to a pot of the
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21st Century Prostitution

Gone are the days when trading sex for money was a sordid affair. When women had pimps who served as both bodyguards and accountants. Gone are the days when the art of prostitution was simple in concept where you knew where you stood in the scheme of things and you could name your price upfront. Now it seems there is another shade to that gray area, a brighter more appealing ‘legally’ and socially accepted route. It’s a fine tuned blend of the taboo mixed with the traditional creating the ultimate hybrid. I wish i could give this new arm of
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Her Man: Video about a typical Jamaican conversation about wife and matie

[flashvideo file= width=300 /]


Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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My top ten must watch more than once movies

So i decided to compile a list of the top ten movies that i have watched more than once just because they are so damn awesome. About the image above, sadly none of those movies made my top ten list but its a nice picture, thanks to the compiler. So without further ado…


Google…the answer to everything

A friend of mine sneezed up some blood for the first time in her life and she immediately consulted the search engine Google. She then told me that all is well because search results informed her that it was not an uncommon thing and should stop on its own. Most people would tell her to go see a doc just to make sure that all was well, five years ago that’s what i would have definately done. But to my surprise i was actually confident that the answer given to her was as accurate as what any doctor would have told her.
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Atheist’s Wager

You should live your life and try to make the world a better place for your being in it, whether or not you believe in god. If there is no god, you have lost nothing and will be remembered fondly by those you left behind. If there is a benevolent god, he will judge you on your merits and not just on whether or not you believed in him.


Clone Chrome using Firefox

After about three weeks of using Google’s Web Browser, Google Chrome, I have abandoned it and returned to my first and only love, Firefox. Chromes downfall for me was the lack of addons which would give it added functionality (firefox’s saving grace) and the fact that many little glitches were not worked out. But i still fell in love with Chromes distinct look and feel and its use of space. So after a little searching and hacking i finally got firefox to both look, feel and perform like Google Chrome with many of the standard Chrome Features enabled. Here is
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Places to visit before I die

These are places that i have always been fascinated with and i hope to visit all of them before i die. 1. Japan The home of anime, cosplay, girls in cute uniforms and of course the tech center of the world! Japan is definitely on the top of my list. I may not know Japanese but armed with my pocket translator and my rudimentary sign language, Ill be sure to get around just fine. Top things to do: 1. Eat ONLY Japanese food 2. Ride on the Shinkansen (Japanese high speed railway system) 3. Visit the most famous temples in
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I am a Agnostic Deist

I am one of those who believe that the existence of God is unknowable, but I want to believe that there is something bigger than us. Only reason can let us understand this, not faith. I reject religious texts, miracles, and prophecies. Any God that does exist would have to require me to question him in the absence of absolute knowledge of his existence, and I am here to question rather than be lead like sheep blindly by the wolves. I have too many questions that are still yet to be answered and looking at the world logically, has left
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The history and many uses of the word Fuck

Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the English language today, is the word FUCK. Out of all of the English words which begin with the letter F, FUCK is the only word referred to as the “F” word, it’s the one magical word. FUCK as most words in the english language, is derived from German, the word “fricken[?]”, which means to strike. In English, FUCK falls into many grammatical categories. As a transitive verb, for instance. John FUCK-ed Shirley. As an intransitive verb, Shirley FUCKS. It’s meaning’s not always sexual; it can be used as an adjective, such
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My programs list aka the shit I use to get things done

Well here is a list of all the programs i have currently installed on my computer. Hopefully it’ll help you all to enhance your own user experience. Currently I’m running Windows XP SP3 1. Photo Editing When editing my photos to add to my various blogs and websites and also to add various photo effects I use Photoshop and Photoscape*. If you ever encountered a photo that needs editing or some kind of enhancement then I’m sure you’ve come across the program photoshop. Its a computer program that lets you retouch, reshape, and completely change, distort, or combine pictures, kinda
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Changing the Admin sending email address in WordPress

This problem has been racking my brain for months. I finally stumbled upon the solution in the wee hours of the night. Here is the problem. Whenever someone submits a comment, sign-up as a user or does anything that requires wordpress to generate an email, the “sent from” address does not reflect the users domain name. For example, with this issue the send from address is normally “ or“. This is the default “sent from” address. Super Simple Solution Add this code into your functions.php file located in your theme files: function res_fromemail($email) { $wpfrom = get_option(‘admin_email’); return $wpfrom;
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How to send sms texts via email on your Blackberry

Now I’m sure everyone is looking for some way to cut costs in the midst of this global recession. One way i do this is by using my unlimited Blackberry Data Service to send ‘free’ sms text to my friends and relatives. Here are the steps: Step 1: Find out your the sms gateway for your receivers mobile network provider. Here is a list of sms gateways and their corresponding providers For the Caribbean: Digicel: areacode+number@digitext(countrycode).com For example, Cayman would be: Jamaica: Cable & Wireless (Lime): or Step2:  Go to the email setup application from your
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Mobile version of now available!

Now you can read your favorite blog via your mobile phone! Just navigate to via your mobile phone’s web browser.


How to make a Stumbleupon button in Google Chrome

So you just found out about Google Chrome and you’re praising the internet gods for bringing you this browser to rescue from the perils of IE and Firefox. But then you found out about Chrome’s achilles heel, no Stumbleupon toolbar addon! I was just faced with this problem and i found a nice and easy work around. Here are the steps: Step 1: Go to the web version of the stumbleupon toolbar by typing in the address in the address bar Step 2: Log in with your stumbleupon username and password Step 3: Click the star beside the address to
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Top 5 things that will never change in 50 years

Here is my top five list of things that will remain basically the same for another 50 years or more. 1. The Flush Toilet Bowl and Tissue Paper As we all know A toilet, the commode, the john or the loo, is a plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of the bodily wastes: urine and fecal matter.  Flush toilets have been prefered choice since the 26th century BC and is found in practically all modern dwellings. The principle is simple, human waste is deposited in a ceramic/porcelain/metal bowl containing water and is siphoned away when the toilet is ‘flushed’. There are
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FWB vs Phuck Buddies vs Relationship PT II

Sadly there is no easy/simple answer as to when you should attempt these ‘relationships’ as many factors come into play that will affect the need. Some are:

Personal Belief
Many people will not even consider a friends with benefits (fwb) or phuck buddy (pb) situation due to life choices, upbringing, values, maturity level, religion and a host of other inhibitions. Many people fail to understand that and as a result one person expects something out of the ‘relationship’ while the other doesn’t because the lines were not made completely clear and explicitly said or boundaries became clouded due to mind numbing totally orgasmic sex.


You damn oxyMORON

Life can be bitter sweet with the ups and downs and the ins and outs. When you think about it, your life, my life, is astronomically small compared to all that have passed and is to come. Life for me is brilliantly dull, its almost candid really, i am doing nothing, with my eyes wide shut to the world. I had a once fail safe idea of basically living dead, i.e. creating nothing but boring excitement to keep myself out of trouble…that didn’t work. The numbing sensation i felt told me that wasn’t the way to go, it was best
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Female Porn

During my daily morning stumble i came across a rather interesting set of pictures, according to them female porn is totally non-sexual in nature and is mostly things that they wish that men would do….you know what see for yourself:


Candle Malfunction

Ever had a device stop working or malfunction? your car, celphone, tv remote or even a flashlight? and do these malfunctions usually occur when you need the device most? Well, have you ever had a candle malfunction on you? i have. I’m not talking about the flame being blown out without the slightest hint of a breeze or it just not being able to be lit, I’m talking about an actual malfunction… a faulty or abnormal functioning. Days after Hurricane Dean, I am yet to get back electricity (sad i know but thats life for ya) and i had to
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