The Life and Times of Shonari

A brother, a companion, a true friend. We are so close he could be me, shonari is a gentle soul never seeking danger and it stayed away from him. I knew him from birth, probably earlier and i knew he was eager to come out of the womb. When he did he didn’t like what he saw so and promptly regretted coming out. From his young years he had a love for nature, science and the finer arts, always stoning dog with his excuse being that they didn’t belong. His first science experiment was a huge success when he killed
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The magic of FREE

Have you ever noticed the magic of the word “free”? I don’t know about you but just the mere whisper of it on the wind and my ears perk up and my head swings in the direction i heard it. I think the word free is one of the top ten words recognized and used worldwide regardless of language, race or culture. Trust me use the word, your conversations will seem more interesting, and all of a sudden you’ll be the center of attention. You could be talking about crap but just the mention of “Free” and someone just may
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Inanimate Sexuality Pt1

This is my first attempt at giving life to inanimate objects. I will try to make them feel and touch as we do. Paper Mate Never once in my one year of existence have i ever met a girl like her, usually, people are rough with me pressing me against the cold hard steel, not caring whether or not i see, hear or feel. The first time i opened my eyes i saw something being thrown on me causing me to lose my color instantly. They then threw me and 499 of my other companions in a brown fibrous prison
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Joe Grind

Tracy was a girl Joe Grind new for ages…. he grew up seeing her flaunt her broad hips, shapely legs and perky breasts as she walked through her front door everyday. She was about 3 years older than him and the only relationship they ever had were the fact that they were neighbors. Joe Grind finally arrived at FU university ready to share every one of his sexual talents with a female counterpart. His first mission was to check out one of the raves that the dorms put on and hopefully meet the girl that will bring him satisfaction beyond
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How does that affect the price of water anywhere?

Regardless of where you are from, everybody complains about the price of gasoline and the rate at which the price is increasing. I find that rather strange, not everybody in the world use it everyday, its a non renewable resource (ie it will run out eventually), there is an extremely complicated process to refine it from crude oil to get the various fractions we need (jet fuel, gasoline etc all come from the same source), the war in iraq has left one of the major sources of crude oil supplying haphazardly and because of its detrimental effect on the environment
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