The Stranger

“Clean-up on isle three”, the young store clerk announced over the intercom. “another hyperactive kid” Nicole thought to herself as she bent down for the paper towel, revealing the firm shapely legs that seemed to continue forever under the tight red cotton plaid skirt she had decided to wear to work that day. Nicole visit that night to her neighborhood supermarket was not unusual as she made that trip once a week to restock her household supplies. She reached up to the top shelf to grab a pack of those elusive butter pecan cookies that melted on her tongue giving
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Religious Hard Talk

After reading Spanish Inquistor’s blog I have a few questions about religion and Christianity that i need answering. It seems that whenever a person is unsure about the whole religion thing and they need questions answered, the people who should know the answer either don’t answer with them saying that you shouldn’t question what is or they give you some round the bush answer that doesn’t really answer anything. You know what I’m talking about, the whole FAITH answer, you know, telling you to have faith and don’t question God for if you do bad thing will happen. Its like
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My very first blog was on Blogger, it was chosen as it was the most mentioned during my searches on how to start a blog and the various blog engines that i could use. I gave my blog a name, chose my template and wrote my first post, after a while i tweaked it a bit by changing the color scheme, added adsense and and a few widgets, it looked great. But something was missing, to this day i have no idea what it was. I discovered wordpress after doing some blog surfing one day, after noticing major differences i
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The eye of the storm

(click for larger image) “Rain rain go away come again another day” Battering rooftops, pulling up trees, flooding streets, the monster is now creating havoc and is destroying everything in its path. I can look through the window and see shadows of things being carried to the heavens ironically by a force coming straight from hell. No news is coming in except from a small battery operated radio, as the light went but luckily for me, my ADSL modem has a battery. This is my last signal out for a while, we are safe indoors watching the somewhat surreal events
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The problem with women

“It doesn’t matter ladies what your perfect man is like. If he was right in front of you, you wouldn’t notice him because you’re looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong places” –Matthew Maharaj Here are a few problems i have with women to say that they are the only ones. One minute you say something but you mean something else: we are neither mind readers nor are we clairvoyant, to say something and when we act accordingly we hear thats not what you meant, if problems are caused by our actions is because of the wrong/misleading
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