Google…the answer to everything

A friend of mine sneezed up some blood for the first time in her life and she immediately consulted the search engine Google. She then told me that all is well because search results informed her that it was not an uncommon thing and should stop on its own. Most people would tell her to go see a doc just to make sure that all was well, five years ago that’s what i would have definately done. But to my surprise i was actually confident that the answer given to her was as accurate as what any doctor would have told her.
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You damn oxyMORON

Life can be bitter sweet with the ups and downs and the ins and outs. When you think about it, your life, my life, is astronomically small compared to all that have passed and is to come. Life for me is brilliantly dull, its almost candid really, i am doing nothing, with my eyes wide shut to the world. I had a once fail safe idea of basically living dead, i.e. creating nothing but boring excitement to keep myself out of trouble…that didn’t work. The numbing sensation i felt told me that wasn’t the way to go, it was best
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Candle Malfunction

Ever had a device stop working or malfunction? your car, celphone, tv remote or even a flashlight? and do these malfunctions usually occur when you need the device most? Well, have you ever had a candle malfunction on you? i have. I’m not talking about the flame being blown out without the slightest hint of a breeze or it just not being able to be lit, I’m talking about an actual malfunction… a faulty or abnormal functioning. Days after Hurricane Dean, I am yet to get back electricity (sad i know but thats life for ya) and i had to
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Is life out there?

The age old question….are we alone in the universe. Is earth the only planet that has intelligent life, to have flowing rivers, a blue sky, breathable air? Well in order to answer this question, as with my other C.R.A.P., i shall enter the realm of absolute speculation. From the little i know of statistics (gosh i seem to know a very little of everything) the more objects in a pool the greater the possibility of a unique occurrence happening more than once. So imagine an infinitely large pool (the universe), the possibility of the existence of more than one unique
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Sex Sells

Is it just me or have you realized that most slogans today are sexually connotative. Maybe its just me but whatever. We all know that sex sells but these people are taking it too far, creating these messages to subliminally implant a sex image in our heads to get us to buy their products.., sick i tell you sick. So to help them in with their cause here is my list of sex based slogans and taglines that have subliminally taken over the sex drive: Do you have the bunny inside?- Energizer He keeps going and going and going.-Energizer Live
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