Sooo what do you say, another round of college?

You go to school and if you are fortunate you go to college. By the time you are finished most of what you learnt becomes obsolete. The job you want you are not qualified for mainly because when you were at school the job didn’t exist, and hence, you didn’t need to learn about it ,and the the job you have has evolved so much you need to go back to school. A friend of my Father’s, a 40+ year old man was in a job for 15 years, recently they sent him back to school to catch up. People are now needed faster than how the educational system can dish them out.

So you have people looking for jobs not educated enough to do it, people in jobs five years ahead of their time and kids in school learning stuff that they wont use anymore. What is this world coming to? Sooner or later people will realize there is something seriously wrong with the education system. Maybe we wont be able to fix it because the problem is that we need to educate people as fast as computers are evolving. If you consider that the human brain can only have one thought at a time i.e. even if you try hard enough you can only think about one thing at any moment in time whereas a computer can do an multitude of tasks without breaking a chip we got a serious problem on our hands.

Result, tons of stupid people running a world ten years ahead of them.

Which brings me to my question of the day: Why is Japan so far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology?


This video explains the crap I’m talking about.

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