My meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? many scholars have pondered that age old question and have yet to come up with a suitable answer. I think i have. The meaning of life is to…….. reproduce. Too simple you might say. Man the most complex machine created, our thoughts and ideas have made things possible that would have never been thought possible. But the answer to life’s meaning is as simple as to reproduce. From the smallest organism, the virus, the bacteria to even the largest one the elephant, the answer is still the same… reproduction. If we fullfill six of the characteristics of life we die but the 7th one is everlasting… reproduction. we feed, respire, move, excrete and feel and yet we die but our a species will continue through the act of reproducing. one may argue that man is too complex to have their meaning of life to be solely to reproduce. Yes man can create wonderful things but we still cant escape the fact that without reproducing the human race would become extinct.
ever wondered why sex is so pleasurable? think about it, if it was painful and agonizing would people do it? would we be here? the reason why reproduction as the meaning of life is not accepted is due to man’s creativity. we have found a way to enjoy sex and not have to deal with the consequence of the act. contraceptives. we have commercialized sex and forgotten about it’s purpose…to propagate our species.

Why cant the meaning of life be so simple as to reproduce?

P.S. i don’t hate contraceptives i think they’re great, just trying to make a point.

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  1. RoXanStone

    Without repeating all that u’ve already said, I agree with u wholeheartedly. I have come to the conclusion that this instinct to reproduce largely influences human behaviour. There is very little that we wouldnt do for “love”(and im talking in the traditional sense here, not considering the “alternative lifestyles”)… and the point of it all is to ensure the continuation of our species. genius, huh? so each day we welcome new homo sapiens spawned by two endorphin / oxytocin junkies in the name of love / great sex.

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