Angels & Demons

Author Dan Brown

\A scientist is murdered at CERN in Switzerland, the high tech research laboratory specializing in nuclear physics. The dead scientist Leonardo Vetra has the word Illuminati burned onto his chest, and the killer has stolen a sample of Leonardo’s latest discovery, antimatter, which is highly explosive substance. Antimatter will explode whenever it comes into contact with matter, which is anything and everything.

The symbol specialist Robert Langdon recognizes the word Illuminati written on the dead man’s chest. Robert knows that it was an old secret society that no longer exists, but it seems to have resurrected. Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra – the scientist’s daughter – travel to Rome to find the murderer and the antimatter.

Meanwhile the cardinals have gathered in Rome for a conclave to select a new Pope. Somewhere beneath them is a bomb made of the antimatter. The clock is ticking and the bomb will explode within 24 hours and wipe the whole Vatican City away forever.

I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle, seen by all known by few, The one always apart in company yet never alone in solitude.

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