Mi hate you Shonari!

So i got my first hate mail today, unlike most hate mail, it wasn’t aimed towards the color of my skin, which political party i favor, which friends i keep or even what faith i follow. All i got was “I hate you Shonari” i dont know what im hated for so all i replied with was “ok”. I live by the saying “A soft answer turneth away wrath” and i think it worked cuz im yet to get a reply. To the sender…maybe you should ask yourself “whats wud Jesus say”?

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  1. RoXanStone

    Mi hate u Shonari!LOL seems like an unlikely response. what could’ve caused that???hmmm nah…shake it off, someone’s just messing with ya! So how did u feel when u saw the mail? Did u think back on all the ppl u’ve wronged? or did ya shake it off???

  2. shonari

    I felt indifferent, just another thing in the life of Shonari, the individual is yet to reply. lol

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